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Bakery is closed! i’m heading east with the fam, be back sunday, april 28th ✌️ #tribalholiday

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Last day to pick up a flourless chocolate cake before we close for all of passover. open until 7pm today, then we’re closed april 19th - april 27th, back open sunday, april 28th.

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Most frequently asked questions about passover.
q ) are you guys closed for passover?
a ) yes. closed friday, april 19th - saturday april, 27th. back open sunday, april 28th.
q) are you making anything for passover?
a) depends how tribal you are. we have three flourless options 1. new flourless chocolate cake 2. coconut macaroons (pictured) 3. flourless chocolate almond cookies. all three are flourless, however they are not certified kosher for passover.
q) why don't you guys make matza?
a) because the bakery needs to take a breath, and i need to be with the fam drinking many cups of wine.

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Sourdough multigrain getting dipped in oats, flax, millet, sesame, and pumpkin seeds.
4 more days until we close for passover. the bakery and cafe will be closed from april 19th until april 27th, back open sunday april 28.

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Last challah bake before we close for passover. they come out of the oven at noon! first come first serve. good shabbas good shabbas.

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7 more days to eat pecan kouign amanns at the bakery before we close for passover. chomp.

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Nova toast got some love for the spring menu. now on sourdough whole wheat w/ @carolinaground cold stone milled flour, with cold smoked atlantic salmon, cream cheese, pickled red onions, capers, and fresh dill. chomp.

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Ovens are loaded with challah. coming out hot at noon! first come first serve. see you there! good shabbassssss !!

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Pain au raisin now available at the bakery. they come out of the oven every morning at 8am. also available wholesale, large and mini. we’re only gonna be baking these in april, chomp!

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Bought an amp to help us call out numbers in the cafe, people been complaining for a while about this one. think this will solve the problem, but it’s possible we might be a bit more distracted. @mr.jasonjoshua on the 🎤 ⭐️ challah out of the oven at noon! see you there.

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Smoked whitefish sandwich now available at the cafe. chomp!

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I was 16 in this photo. silver figaro chain around my neck, gel in my hair, name brand shirt, two subwoofers in the trunk of my car, and certainly high. today i turn 34, and as i reflect on my life, the idea that once upon a time i was blasting nelly out of my mom's honda accord definitely makes me cringe and laugh, but i'm grateful for the process, because somehow it got me here.
to the process, l’chiam 🥃

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