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8am - people are always asking me “what should i get?” to which i say “there’s nothing better than a croissant or pain au chocolat that just can out of the oven. fyi, they come out of the oven everyday at 8am. sunday’s at the bakery are full power, lot of energy, lot of fun.

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Our cold smoked salmon platter is now available on the catering menu. comes with cream cheese, heirloom tomatoes, little veg, and your choice of sourdough bread. i recommend it with the sourdough jewish rye. check out our website for details.

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Morning bake is finished, trucks are packed up and on the road. i used to deliver the bread in my trunk, then rush back to the garage to start the dough for the next day. we’ve come a long way 🙏

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Panettone coming soon......

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Pain au chocolat still hot. comes out of the oven everyday at 8am!

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Challah challah challah challah challah. comes out of the oven at noon!
sundown is at 5:30pm. good shabbas my friends.

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Here’s a throwback thursday to our first art basel in wynwood. we brought the house down with gospel & falafel. i think we’re due for a revival. one love.

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Most frequently asked questions about our catering.
q) do guys cater?
a) yes
q) how big are the pastries on the platters?
a) see photo. should be about 2 pastries per person.
q) how do i order?
a) go to zakthebaker.com , click on catering, and place your order through our online store.

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#myreligiouswife keeping the tradition strong in the house. wish you all a happy hanukkah, much love and light.

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Crumb shot of our chocolate babka looking on point! sweet and crispy streusel crust, and a creamy honeycomb crumb.

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Thanks for the love @instagram ❤️

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Challah friday. comes out of the oven at noon. first come first serve. bakery closes up at 5pm today due to early sundown in the winter.
good shabbas good shabbas, much love and light to all of y’all.

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