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When developing new menu items, we often try to find a balance between delicious and nutritious. @adeenasussman and i settled on a kale caesar w/ crispy chick peas, heirloom tomato, parmigiano reggiano, and a yogurt caesar dressing. it’s hearty, flavorful, satisfying, and full of nutrients. coming to the cafe menu soon.....

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Simple but delicious. i’m looking forward to adding this one. maybe a toast. maybe a sandwich. maybe both 🤗 coming soon....

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Best part of the job, creating new food. love it. especially when i’m working with people like @adeenasussman ! we begin with smoked whitefish.

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Sometimes i feel like the challah is too good to just bake once a week. shall we start baking challah everyday? anyway, it’s friday, and the challah will be out of the oven at noon! good shabbas!

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My girls wanted to say good morning ❤️

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We’ve been doing some maintenance work on the sourdough olive & za’atar, and it’s starting to pay off. the brine of the olives slows the fermentation down and makes the shape elastic, so we’ve pushed the bulk and extended the final shape. looking good so far.

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Challah queen @wide_eyed_cat wanted in on the challenge. nailed it. what do you say @karma_bread ??! challah out of the oven at noon! see you there. good shabbas y’all

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Challenge accepted @bornandbreadfl ❤️ i’ve never actually seen bird box, i’m more of a classic bullock fan, “while you were sleeping,” “28 days.” love me a good chick flick 🤗 how bout you @clarkstreetbread ? you got any pop culture spirit in you? up for the challenge?

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Just took a week long vacation from instagram, was wonderful. happy to come back with such a pretty crumb shot. today is friday, that means challah at noon and closed tomorrow. it’s also yeshiva week, so it’s gonna be crazzzzzyyyyyy today and sunday.

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2009 / 2019

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One of my favorite parts of the job is creating new things, and we’re about to dive into it. i know what i want to work on, what about y’all? if you could see any one thing from us at whole foods, bread or pastry, what would it be?

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Baguettes get better every day. they come out of the oven at the bakery around 8am or we bake fresh every morning for whole foods, check our website to see which ones we’re baking for.

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