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Do you think i will be fired for losing my boss’ coffee? ☕️watch the full magical short film on youtube - link in bio. 🏞thanks to the city of asheville, north carolina for letting us film in your beautiful city!

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Is it a sin to sleep in church? ⛪️ comment below what you think. #sunday #church

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I wonder if i could use #magic to win the #worldcup - watch the full video by clicking the link in my profile. ⚽️🤔

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We are having a baby!! can you guess the name and gender? #fathersday

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Do you know how many rubik's cubes are stacked in this structure? comment your guys below. 🎥 i had a blast creating a bunch of rubik's cube themed illusions this weekend which you can watch in my profile link. enjoy and have a great week!

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The truth behind that one friend who’s crushing it on instagram. #fakeittillyoumakeit w/ @aaronsanimals and @honorglobal #foodie #travel #newcar #adventure #beautyinai #ad

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Next time you can’t fall asleep, try counting sheep. @rachelmking 🐏 😴 💤 #night #sleep #bedtime #magic

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The fast food heist. 🍔🍟#food #magic

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Wow, fire is not something to mess around with. 🔥so if you need it in your videos, use the like app instead. #aprilfools @like_app_official

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Have a blessed #easter weekend! 🐣#magic #candy #chocolate #bunny

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When i see that “kids eat free” 🍕🍽🥙🍔who else loves a good discount??

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Happy #valentinesday ❤️

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