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The rain stopped and the sun came out, so liam decided his baby needed to go for a walk.
when we had made it all the way around, i took over at the halfway point, we started to head inside, but that is exactly the opposite of what liam wanted.
two more laps and looking at the neighbor's fish later, he was more accepting of going inside and getting ready for bed.

apparently he just really wanted some outside time after two days of rain. .
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How early is too early for applying to @forthaysstate? pretty sure liam is already in love with the school. .
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Fountains are back on.

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Sprinkler season has arrived.

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Teaches me more about love, grace, and patience every day. thoughtful and completely giving of herself, i strive to be like her. she's the best.

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Saturday began with good lighting and stayed strong till the end. .
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The nice part about our rural skyscrapers, is that they are tall enough that you're still forced to look up at them, but they aren't tall enough or so crowded together that you can't see the sky.
speaking of sky: blue skies can come back anytime now. i'm through with this grey, rainy garbage.
you can't tell but the wind was blowing about a constant 30 mph when this was taken.
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I was driving through campus after work last friday when i saw galen sitting on a bench playing the clarinet. i just had to stop and at least see if he would be okay with having his picture taken. he was more than happy to have his picture taken while he played the same phrase over and over, attempting to perfect his part before the final show of the semester.

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How i know i need to still work on being less self-focused: liam had (as earlier described) a full on poop situation, but i still stopped our walk back home to take this photo. the lighting was incredible, so maybe he would've been okay with the slight delay.

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Walk 20 minutes to the park
play for 5 minutes
check his diaper
real poop situation
walk 20 minutes back home.

just happy i wasn't the parent who had poop on their finger.

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Vivian maier wanna be

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When i was in school this would have been a photo of a parking lot. #teampixel

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