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I spent the past weekend in berlin and it was so hard to leave for hamburg again. 48 h were way too less but i am also very excited for the next months in the north! 💥 happy sunday evening!

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But maybe all of this time, i've been chasing hearts with the wrong people in them.

and now i wonder: does the person make the heart or the heart make the person? 💫

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Sweet but psycho 💫

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Hamburg, you're pretty but can you please be less freezing and grey? ❄

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Reality check: when i decided to move to hamburg, i wasn't too thrilled, honestly speaking. either i wanted to stay in berlin or move abroad again. but after living about three months here, my inner berliner can say: hamburg, ick hab dir lieb! 💖 [unpaid ad/werbung]

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"in 2018, i [ ]" fill out the blank!

my yearly recap of 2018 is online! link in bio! 💫 [unpaid ad/werbung]

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Extreme, successful, emotional - if i had to describe 2018, those would be the words for the past year. it was hell of a roallercoaster ride with the highest highs and lowest lows. but this year, the highs definitely dominated. bye 2018, thanks for everything. 2019, bring it on! 🎉

unfortunately i didn't manage to finish my december and yearly recap in time. but they will follow soon. have an awesome start into the new year! 🥂💥🍾

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Merry christmas! 🎄🎉 i've already been feasting for days in berlin and enjoying some time off. hope you're having an awesome time with your loved ones. cause that's what xmas is about: love, spending quality time together and food. especially food. 😻 happy holidays!

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Memories of seoul (september/october 2018) 🇰🇷 [unpaid ad/werbung]

comment 5 star 84 December 2018

I had a pretty tough week so far. my sore throat is still killing me and yesterday i was so clever, almost cutting off my finger with a bread knife. 🔪 so, how's your week going? 🙃 [unpaid ad/werbung]

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Crazy week and an even crazier weekend (fjaak at pal! 💥). so thinking about calmer days back in october ... 😇🏯 [unpaid ad/werbung]

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It's the 1st advent! 🎄 this past weekend i spent like a grandma. i think i am really getting old ... 👵🏼 missing those golden autumn days in seoul! [unpaid ad/werbung]

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