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#yovember2018 one photo each day

maximilianeum does the trammetry lasers. 😂

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#yovember2018 one photo each day

berries. thats all. 😎

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#yovember2018 one pboto each day

game plan for this photo was:
1. go there
2. wait for the train
3. do one picture
4. go home because its cold

and fun fact: its exactly how it happened. sometimes you just need a little luck! --
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#yovember2018 one photo each day

turn that frown upside down. 😁😁

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#yovember2018 one photo each day

its autumn, summer and winter within one day. the plants are super confused... 😎

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#yovember2018 one photo each day.

fiddled around with some split toning, i actually managed to get something decent. 😎

theatiner kirche

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#yovember2018 one photo each day

its a lazy saturday so i simply used another photo from the same session as yesterdays picture.

its the a9 with the fujitsu towers.

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#yovember2018 one photo each day.

wow what a nice traffic jam that is.... and the osram and fujitsu buildings.

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