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The olympic village in munich, 1972. and by 1972 i mean 2019 because i took that photo last sunday. 😂 but the old postcard style is kind of cool. or i am still a little dizzy from my dentists appointment today, who knows....

comment 4 star 96 7 hours ago

The little tiny plushy planty thingy is confused, because spring came and then just left again. what a fake. 😂

comment 1 star 156 2 weeks ago

Some hedges in low aperture. doing photos with the 50mm is super hard when you are used to wide angle lenses.

comment 11 star 125 2 weeks ago

#tbt to the time i snapped this photo of the maximilian monument in munich. with lasers! (a. k. a. the tram...) pew pew pew.

comment 5 star 140 3 weeks ago

Much light, such wow. i am practicing more with the 50mm but its really hard for me. i like wide angles waaaaaayyyyy more.

comment 3 star 138 3 weeks ago

Snapped this one out of a tuctuc. realized afterwards i caught this sleeping coconut selling woman in phnom penh. she even uses a magazine as a shade. 😂

comment 3 star 126 4 weeks ago

Little cougar's hunting stare.

the internet needs more cats. 😎😎

comment 8 star 138 last month

Parkway drive show yesterday was straight up insane. insanly fun!

comment 7 star 127 last month

The infamous ta prohm temple. tomb raider has been filmed there. i guess that is why the wood from the trees is more than rock-hard. get it, rock hard? 😜

comment 3 star 148 last month

The many faces of the bayon temple.

comment 5 star 157 last month

View from the "lighthouse" on koh rong sanloem. i could not find one single photo like this from there on ig. maybe all those people did not want to pay the 1 dollar fee to climb that thing. 😎😎

comment 8 star 130 last month

"look there is a snake behind you in the water!" is not something you want to hear when taking long exposures on a rock on a jungle island without any medical infrastructure. but mr. snakey stayed cool and did not bite me. totally survived. 👍👍

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