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Bangkok has it all next to each other. water taxis, old houses next to temples next to tropical trees next to big a*s skyscrapers. 😎😎

comment 1 star 115 2 days ago

Symmetry in bangkok. but actually not because the 2 highways dont have the exact same height. who commits to a crime like that? 😝

comment 9 star 176 6 days ago

Waterfall within the wat pho temple. i made a freehand longtime exposure without any nd filter. but i like how it turned out.

comment 2 star 150 2 weeks ago

Bangkok from above! this city is so large, its mind blowing.

comment 1 star 134 3 weeks ago

Raindrops. so i stayed in phnm penh for a couple of days, and one night it started to pour rain. like massivly! so i had the chance to get one more photo cliché on my list. πŸ˜ŽπŸ“Έ

comment 7 star 127 3 weeks ago

Something you dont see everyday. a boat full of plants getting unloaded by a tractor which was driven into the ocean...

comment 10 star 138 4 weeks ago

Take 2 sunny bright pictures and turn it into 1 dark composed photo.

comment 4 star 122 5 weeks ago

Boats and a sundown. preset filter from my phone. no more questions! 😁😁

comment 5 star 159 last month

Jetlagging in bangkok. or as i call it: photographers heaven. there is just too much happening all the time. loving it!

comment 9 star 136 last month

#tbt to the day where i made photos of mountains. because no one does that, right? right? 😁😁😁

comment 5 star 131 last month

Reflections in a puddle.

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#yovember2018 one photo each day.

trees in the dark and some f*****g snow. iuh.

and thats the end to project of posting a photo for one whole month. that was actually really fun!

whats your next project?

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