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With the forecast for the last few days of the #ripcurlpro bells beach looking epic, @caioibelli & @michaelrodrigues85 talk step up boards and the forecasted conditions.

video by @peterkingphoto

official @surfline forecast:
new shoulder- to head-high swell builds wednesday afternoon, peaking overnight and lingering into thursday morning. midsize surf holds thursday am in the shoulder- to head-high range with sets up to a couple feet overhead.
there is high confidence that a solid swell will build later thursday into friday. surf in the double overhead range (8-12’ faces) prevails friday morning, building into the 3x overhead range (12-15’+ faces) that afternoon. larger sets are likely through the back half of the afternoon as the swell approaches a peak friday night. strong surf in the double overhead range continues into saturday morning.

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A legendary heritage heat between @markocchilupo and @curfuffle will take place during the #ripcurlpro bells beach with pumping surf forecasted for bells 🔥 here's @joeturpel, @mrpottz, and @peter_mel breaking down the last heat they surfed against each other at j-bay in 2014.

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#feloog do dia acompanha o segundo dia de competição no #ripcurlpro #bellsbeach | acompanhe o canal 👉 wsl.tv/feelog

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Celebrate #earthday by getting involved with your local organizations to protect your local waterways.
check out our #wslpure partners at wslpure.org to find some groups near you!

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Proving that #earthdayiseveryday, the surf community across australia has paddled out for months to protect their beautiful coastline. get involved with your local organizations to protect your local waterways. check out our #wslpure partners at wslpure.org to find some groups near you. #fightforthebight

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Highlights from an action packed day 2 at the #ripcurlpro bells beach!
tune in for next call at 6:40 am aest (1:40pm pst, 8:40pm gmt) @ripcurl_aus @ripcurl_women

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@john_john_florence’s seeding round heat at the #ripcurlpro bells beach marks his 300th championship tour heat to date!

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Men's elimination round heat 1 went on a brief safety hold. “just for safety precaution, we had to put the heat on hold and assess the situation. we are always on high alert since it’s not a typical place to expect a shark encounter but we are always on the lookout and the right call was made at the time.” after the water safety team investigated, it is believed to be a patch of seaweed. the heat was able to continue after our safety team confirmed that the area was safe. #ripcurlpro @ripcurl_aus

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That's it for the day at the #ripcurlpro bells beach! next call tomorrow at 6:45am aest | @ripcurl_aus @ripcurl_women

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Small wave winkipop freesurf session while we wait for the #ripcurlpro bells beach to resume. video by @peterkingphoto
next call at 6:40am aest (1:40pm pst, 8:40pm gmt) @ripcurl_aus

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Surfing teahupo'o often comes at a cost. watch here as @eimeo.czermak slides into a beauty before embracing a nasty spill and the imminent beatdown that soon followed
🎥: @j.czerm_photography

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Primeiro dia de competição em bells beach. próxima chamada as 6:40am aest | mais episódios >> wsl.tv/feelog link na bio

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