WRONG YEAR fear of dying in the wrong year inbox @wrongyearcultist with inquiries f*ck the mass we on some booky shit free shipping worldwide on all orders http://wrongyearclothing.com/
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Skeleton collection
available now link in bio
got a few discount codes for those who spam comment šŸ¤¤

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Skeleton collection out now
support the brand for cheaper merch next time
link in our bio

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Skeleton hoodie - tonight
high quality & sick embroidery
free shipping worldwide
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Skeleton hoodie - friday
cleanest piece to date
spam comment for discount
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Our best one yet?
what do you wanna see us make?

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Look book soon
comment what colour clothes you want šŸ“„

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Trying for 5k by start of 2019
repost our account, tag us in posts and tag your friends below - big things soon

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Upcoming - stay tuned - front full embroidery
comment your size n’ turn on notifications šŸ“„

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Scaling up

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Got a bad taste

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