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“opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” thank you @k9defense for sharing!

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Genetics. ⁣

thank you for sharing @peggepolicedogs

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10 month old vandal learning leg bites with @pacwestk9. thank you @maximusmason for sharing!

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Criminals always hanging out in these streets. found via our friends at @gsdunited.

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When all else fails, use your bbj training and try a kimura. haha! thanks for the laugh and sharing guys @highdrivek9!

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When your main skill is biting bad guys, but you still have other talents. thank you @belgian_malinas for sharing!

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K9 baron @southeastla_k9 training at @goldcoastk9. love this training exercise.

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Search and rescue deployment exercise with @ivsas_spain @dani_scank9_workingdogs. thank you for sharing!

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Reason number 689 to feed raw; “kibble is usually cooked in heats of excess of 212 degrees f, thereby destroying all the essential elements and making it harder on a canine's digestive system. kibble pet food manufacturers add these elements back in, usually by spraying them on after the process. many vitamins and minerals are depleted after being paired with so many preservatives in kibble. spraying on a synthetic substance changes the whole structure and does not provide balance.

kibble has been around for about 100 years. in that time there has been a drastic and continued increase of disease in our pet carnivores -- chronic degenerative diseases, auto-immune diseases, allergies, kidney, pancreatic and liver diseases, and cancer. these diseases are directly related to eating a processed diet that is species inappropriate. this was not an issue until the introduction of kibble.” meal for santo & kibble info brought to you by @wefeedraw. in this bowl is buffalo treacha, buffalo o***n & meat grind with fish oil capsule and glucosamine tablet. added powder supplements from @mvpk9supplements- muscle builder & performance, flexk9 superfood hip & joint, formula formula mass, best in show multi-vitamin supplement, and bone broth super protein.

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Cue the animal abuse comments haha. @black_flag_kennels building up the environmental desensitization in these pups. thank you for sharing!

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Solid decoy work from @chloebullvision, rewarding the digs while giving some slight pressure. thank you for sharing!

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Rex tapping out decoys at a seminar. thank you @mishka_may for sharing!

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