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Incog pocket treat pouches will be available this coming monday from @rayallenk9 & @primalcanine! this is an awesome training tool and we all know the struggle of keeping our pockets clean from treat crumbs and slobber. this keeps the engagement of the dog on you and not vests, treat bags, or other equipment. keep an eye out on @rayallenk9 website on monday to order yours!

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Great video and training exercise from @torchlightk9 @high_risk_deployment_k9 showing the dog a look with a suspect and less lethal tools. thank you for sharing!

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Rare, precious sleeping puppy moments...sometimes must be ruined for laughs. thank you @integrity_k9 for sharing!

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All too real in this industry! if you don’t have the budget, don’t get the dog. training is a requirement, not an option! thank you @working_dog_radio for sharing!

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When the word “friday” means nothing to you because all you do is work. thank you @south_bay_malinois for sharing!

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What is your dog’s favorite raw meal/meat/item? chunked lamb meat from @wefeedraw seems to be ozzy’s favorite, he loves gnawing through it! ⁣

in this bowl- lamb o***n grind and chunked lamb meat from @wefeedraw , various supplements from @mvpk9supplements, vitamin e capsule, fish oil capsule, @canna_paws cbd oil, coconut oil, and after the photo i add in goats milk to mix his supplements into the grind. ⁣

promo code- workingdog20 for 20% off your first pre-measured meal plan from @wefeedraw

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“it’s all about how you raise them.” - they 😂⁣

found via our friends @muzmuztv!

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You vs. the guy she tells you not to worry about 😂 thank you @tank.mosley for this!

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K9 gero & k9 argos at k9 swat school fast roping from a helicopter for their first time. great job guys! thank you @torrancepolicek9 for sharing. @seblasd

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Heeling, call off and control work with osy @teamnofearworkingapbt. thank you for sharing!

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Love the motto behind the account @workingbambam- small dogs also, can, need and love to work! bam shown here pulling 308 lbs in intervals. thank you for sharing!

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Had the honor & pleasure of hanging out at @rayallenk9 to do some r&d work with @primalcanine on a new suit prototype, treat pouch bags, and the new “nomad” harness. as usual, it’s nothing but an honor to be hosted by ray allen and @matthew_thewolf_wilson at his training facility @ethos_k9. pictured here is matt’s pup, anubis kindly telling mike to catch another ride.

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