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14 years ago, steven meisel's w debut featured loose-limbed, nearly nude, androgynous boys and girls in a series of brooding, sexually ambiguous vignettes coyly titled "asexual revolution." celebrate #pride with photos from the gender-bending spread, that put a then-subversive concept into the fashion mainstream, to which harold koda told the @nytimes, that "w's photographs can be a really potent social critique."
photography: steven meisel
styling: @alexwhiteedits
w magazine, september 2004

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Happy birthday, darling. @nicolekidman x
photography: @emmasummerton
styling: @ariannephillips
w magazine, may 2012

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“i see people as being what their personality is at the moment of expression. i feel genitals hold us back a lot. they keep us connected to our older ideals of humanity. i think it's really interesting that there are a lot of [people] now who are in transition and want to be in transition—they don't want to be a man or a woman. the more nuanced we get, the more things people want to be.” celebrate #pride by swiping through cyberworld art star @ryantrecartin's gender fluid digital dreamscape, and revisit the artist’s forward-thinking ideals on internet and identity at the link in bio.
art and photography: ryan trecartin
w magazine, november 2010

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Summer street style that beats the heat.
photography: @claudia_knoepfel & stefan indlekofer
styling: @bat_gio
w magazine, march 2011

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It's too hot out.
@gisele by @mertalas + @macpiggott
styling: @alexwhiteedits
w magazine, august 2008

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Hiding from monday.
photography: @latourfanny
styling: @alexcarl
june, 2016

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Happy father’s day x
photography: @stevenkleinstudio
w magazine, july 2005

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Sitting pretty.
photographer: @alasdairmclellan
stylist: @benjaminbruno_
w magazine, june/july 2016

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Now *this* is how you do summer.
photography: @roeethridge
styling: @patrickmackieinsta
w magazine, march 2012

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Being outdoorsy.
photography and styling: @venetialscott
w magazine august 2014

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Gone sailing.
photography: @wardivanrafik
styling: @ethel_park
w magazine, september 2016

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The shoreline at sunset is always a stunner.
model: @mmparisdotcom
photography: @ryanmcginleystudios
styling: @edward_enninful
w magazine, january 2013

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