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Aries | passionate, forward, impulsive - this month and the beginning of aries season in late march is a good time to set aside some personal time and remember your true spirit: outward-facing and bold. - “aries, i believe, are fiercely loyal and very intense, because we’re highly emotional. we’re, i’ve noticed, very talkative, outgoing, competitive.” – @palomija - director: @cpxnyc styling: @simonrobins1000

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Taurus | stubborn, flashy, earthy - remember to look away from work as much as you can this march and to be outdoors. - “i have two polarities inside me: one is very in tune with spirituality and a greater force, and then i have the capability to be very detached and nihilistic. astrology is reassuring and comforting, because it’s a force that’s greater than we are.” – @ali_michael - director: @cpxnyc styling: @simonrobins1000

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Gemini | indecisive, imaginative, flirtatious - all those voices trying to persuade you to keep things the same, and that everything appears to be working? don’t listen to them. - “i hate when people say we are two-faced. we geminis get irritated quickly. we can switch, like, ‘we need to be happy now.’” – @samile_b + @mayowanicholas - director: @cpxnyc styling: @simonrobins1000

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Cancer | cunning, nurturing, emotionally receptive - make sure you give your emotional world enough attention. yes, you excel at that, but in a new push to take care of yourself you may turn toward more immediately practical concerns and feel depleted. - “i’m a moon goddess.” –@patcleveland - director: @cpxnyc styling: @simonrobins1000

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Leo | self-centered, idealistic, extroverted - the more forthcoming and honest you are, without trying to impress or flatter, the more rewarding march will be for you. - “because there’s a weird desire to be the center of attention, you force yourself to be an extrovert. leo says, ‘go, communicate, socialize.’” –@sashakichigina - director: @cpxnyc styling: @simonrobins1000

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Virgo | structured, reliable, steady - the realization that there’s more to life than work and planning is catching up with how you view almost everything. - “i love acting and obviously, i love attention, hello. if i commit to something, i’m there. i’m going to come through.” –@alexandraelizabethljadov - director: @cpxnyc styling: @simonrobins1000

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Libra | glamorous, intellectual, challenging - you’ve done so much to change your life and to be in charge of your own day-to-day. all of the hard work you did these past months was not for nothing, and march will be a month of rewards and celebration. - “we love beauty and order, which is all very true. i was like, ‘i don’t really believe it’—but it makes so much sense. it makes sense that everything in this world is a balance between different elements.” –@juliavanos - director: @cpxnyc styling: @simonrobins1000

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Scorpio | mysterious, spiritual, sexual - you are capable of the e****c gardens on the spiritual plane, of the holy s*x of the moon and stars, and anything less, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, is going to leave you with a bad, aching feeling. - “we’re loud, we’re cute, we’re sensitive. we’re creative little bums. we’re quite raunchy in bed, apparently? no comment! no comment! i’m not answering that question. that is a secret one.” – @duckieofficial - director: @cpxnyc styling: @simonrobins1000

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Sagittarius | intense, adventurous, rebellious - maybe some things about your life feel a bit too much in flux for your liking (like your career), but that won’t stop you from enjoying this month and going to a party or two (or 10). - “i barely know my own.” –@uglyworldwide - director: @cpxnyc styling: @simonrobins1000

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Capricorn | hard working, grounded, combative - you’ve felt a little locked up all winter and have been tending to some new ideas and plans. now, you can put them into place. - “i don’t believe in entities that aren’t physical. i’m told, that i need to pay attention to a moon sign or something. i’ll fight who i want to, who i need to.” –@hunterschafer - director: @cpxnyc styling: @simonrobins1000

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Aquarius | inventive, cerebral, honest - you’re the sign that we most look to for new ideas and language, to infuse our lives with meaning. now is the time for you to assess your life and see how much meaning you can bring to it in spring. - “the definition of aquarius is me. honest, open, creative, insecure—that’s true. it’s a hard thing to say about yourself, but actually, intellectual, yeah.” –@betsyteske - director: @cpxnyc styling: @simonrobins1000

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Pisces | calculating, nostalgic, emotive - like the new sprouts on the trees and plants, you are thriving and moving into a new self. with your season in full swing this month, keep up that momentum and take up a hobby that you have kept yourself from for many reasons and for far too long. - “i never sign any contracts; i never make any big decisions; i never make any money decisions, because i get too psyched out.” – @rachelhilbert - director: @cpxnyc styling: @simonrobins1000

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Spring is coming... - model: kristen mcmenamy photography: tim walker styling: @kjeldgaard1 w magazine, september 2012

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Party like it’s 1989 with very important pisces, @anna_vrc on the inimitable model’s 29th birthday. - photographer: @mertalas & @macpigott styling: @edward_enninful w magazine, march 2015

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"i honestly don't like to look back at my work. i am only as good as my next collection." after 11 years as the artistic director of dior homme, @kris_van_assche has announced he will be departing the house, and we can't wait to see what the ambitious designer is up to next. - model: @lisanne_dejong photography: @craigmcdeanstudio styling: @alexwhiteedits w magazine, october 2010

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Mentally preparing for the week ahead. - photographer: @emmasummerton stylist: @edward_enninful w magazine, may 2012

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“it sounds dramatic, but i am an actress, and am really, truly heartsick for the experience because it was so much and so challenging and rewarding.” - as dark comedy @flowerthemovie hits theaters, star @zoeydeutch tells us how she prepared to play the deceptively saccharine teen by reading judy blume novels and attending therapy in character at the link in bio. - photography: @johnclaytonlee styling: @elizabethstewart1 w magazine, april 2017

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Clandeboye, the astounding 2,000-acre estate in northern ireland that is home to lindy, the marchioness of dufferin and ava, is a frozen-in-amber reflection of the british empire at its peak. swipe to take a rare glimpse inside one of ireland's largest, oldest, and self-sustaining mansions. - photography: @simonpwatson w magazine, february 2009

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Remembering the late @alexandermcqueen on the beloved designer’s would-be 49th birthday. - model: @annajofficial photography: @craigmcdeanstudio styling: @alexwhiteedits w magazine, february 2009

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Uptown girls. - models: @officialamilnaestevao, @ysaunnybrito, @complete_clarity photography: @stevenkleinstudio styling: @edward_enninful w magazine, april 2016

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