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By the way, i was going through a whole different concept for the video.
a light bulb was suppose to be placed in the thinker head instead of a candle. the mission failed but i managed to find a solution, the solution lead to the new concept.
peace ✌ piece 🍰

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#thethinker #thedoer some ideas get blown away and others b**w away. #cliche but some ideas get implemented. simple. not really. .
that background track though! gives it another dimension. - divide/ live at wfmu for janky ray's radio riot.
peace ✌
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Wanna piece?

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I usually mention event name with a brief. 25 orbits. no briefs.

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If i could control my flashbacks, these memories must get featured. capiche? #anotherorbit #justaride

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I usually mention place or event here. but this one came from within and not without...فلسفة بكفي.
locations: amman, abkhazia, and emirates...regardless, if i had a flashback a location shouldn't matter much.

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Video in previous post. paradise in limbo #apsny #abkhazia #experimenting

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I coped with change. (check previous post to know what i'm talking about).
old caption (video made back in feb 2018):
"i'm not good in expressing myself. this video will do the job though. #coldandwarm #symbols combined the videos i took in apsny aka abkhazia with a new effect i've discovered called (leave color). #experimenting #howifeel

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Being the fool i am, and the survival i could be.
i bought my camera right before traveling to abkhazia back in 2017. the fool didn't buy a good memory card and thought a 16gb is gonna do the job. i ended up catching 15 seconds videos in a breathtaking country. the card couldn't process more than that. of course i was pissed.
but nop. not the smartest that survive, nor the strongest, but the ones who cope with change. .
one day i needed to express how i feel in visuals with 15 seconds videos. see next post.
#apsny #abkhazia #sukhum #ritsa #gudauta #apswa

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This is not the end i guess. more art exhibitions like @arttogaza and concerts for cause will take place in amman and the region. this is it. art speaks.
#arttogaza #art4gaza

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@arttogaza day 3. i enjoyed watching people.
the art exhibition held pictures from gaza and paintings by local artists and talents. from the look on people's faces while roaming around the exhibition, i could tell that some were touched. which is the point right? i called this experience, watching art (humans) watching art (art pieces). it was enlightening. .
on the other hand, @ayloulband reminded me that when cause go hand in hand with music, a room full of "strangers" of all ages can connect and share the same vibe. i remember looking at the stage, and checking people standing at the door, i couldn't tell which from which. they were all moved by each other. which is in the end, and again, what we need to make change. .
#art4gaza #arttogaza #gaza

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Art introduced me to revolution. revolution introduced me to art. @arttogaza has combined music and art visuals in one place. cause and artists...that's what we need to make a change. all proceedings will go to uhwc gaza to aid the injured at gaza.
if you haven't visited the exhibition yet, it's open until thursday, sep 6th from 12:00 to 10:00 pm #art4gaza #arttogaza #localtalents #march

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