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Happy thursday all! we are coming up on a super-busy weekend for the brewery, with multiple beer releases at home-base while also representing colorado at both @mikerphone 's smells like a beer fest in chicago as well as the little fest on the prairie (put on by @prairieales ) out in oklahoma! if you're going to either, please come say hi!⠀

but now...to the releases!⠀

fake item box⠀
opening with notes of ripe apricot, papaya, and red grapefruit, everything starts like you would expect for a weldwerks new england-style hoppy beer. but as you approach the finish, you discover a subtle vanilla sweetness and milkshake-like creaminess that should not work as well as it does with the bright hop character contributed by the lotus, el dorado, amarillo, & simcoe hops. 4.8% abv⠀

$14 per 4-pack, limit 1 case per person.⠀

west coast ipa⠀
our og ipa is back with a huge upgrade! the ipa-formerly-known-as-steambarrel is a west coast-style ipa dripping with notes of pineapple, grapefruit, passion fruit, tangerine, and pine from the more than 5 lbs per barrel of el dorado, simcoe, lemondrop + mandarina bavaria hops. the clean, dry finish keeps the focus squarely on the hops, while the slightly elevated abv helps to balance the hop bitterness. who said you couldn’t teach an old dog new tricks? 7.7% abv⠀

$14 per 4-pack, limit 1 case per person.⠀

winter is over⠀
we tried to not do anything referencing game of thrones. we really did. we failed. thankfully, the result is this imperial sour wheat ale brewed with ginger and lime, made in conjunction with our dear friends at @homesbrewery out of michigan. inspired by the ever-popular, always-delicious moscow mule, and celebrating the fact that winter is over, which means it's time for a cocktail! 8.6% abv⠀

$16 per 4-pack, limit 1 case per person.⠀

all beers release on draft and in cans to-go tomorrow (friday, 4.26) at noon. we will also have freshie-fresh cans of 3.8 miles double ipa!⠀

cheers to the weekend!⠀

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Happy easter! we are open normal hours today (12-7pm) and eager to host your post-brunch festivities. ⠀

this is also the last day of our medianoche bottle pickup window, so come snag 'em while you can - cheers!

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Happy weekend, friends! just a couple of quick hits for your saturday:⠀

medianoche allotments⠀
as a reminder, this sunday, april 21 is the last day to purchase bottles and any individuals associated with unclaimed tickets/bottles will be ineligible for future releases. your eventbrite tickets must be presented in-person in the taproom in order to purchase bottles, and the name on the tickets must match the name on your valid photo id (no proxies). be sure to print your tickets or have digital copies ready before arriving at the taproom to expedite your pickup. the taproom is open 12-10 pm on saturday, april 20 and 12-7 pm on sunday, april 21.⠀

food truck⠀
the front range's best, the t***p about, is here today starting at noon.⠀

in addition to the 30+ brews available for on-site consumption, we still have some 4pks of nelson extra extra juicy bits and trade secrets (both going fast), neapolitan ice cream sour, and single 19.2oz cans of fluffernutter imperial stout and coffee maple achromatic. these are all going quickly so get 'em while you can!⠀

cheers folks!⠀


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One of our absolute favorite parts about this industry is the unwavering spirit of cooperation in creativity. we are lucky enough to have found ourselves in the orbit of some truly incredible folks and we wanted to celebrate that fact by brewing 6 collabs over 7 days surrounding the craft brewer's conference last week. here's what y'all can be looking forward to, both soon and down the road...⠀

wait! before we forget, just a reminder that key lime pie berliner and apricot gose are releasing in cans today at noon! $14 per 4-pack, limit 1 case per person on each. @hopandhoe will be our food truck today with @thetrampabout holding it down tomorrow! ok here we go...**big inhale**...⠀

burns family artisan ales - @burnsalesdenver⠀
old norway // new england: hazy triple ipa (12%!) brewed with lotus, mosaic, & simcoe hops and fermented with kveik yeast. the geniuses at burns really added some significant touches to this brew and we can whole-heartedly say it's the best tipa we've brewed to-date. coming early may, but available now at burns!⠀

homes - @homesbrewery⠀
winter is over: imperial sour wheat ale brewed with ginger and lime. moscow mule beer! coming soon!⠀

jester king - @jesterkingbrewery⠀
mixed culture saison brewed with @blacklandsmalt malts from texas and fermented in 11 hl sangiovese foeders with bugs from jester king. we don't expect this one to be ready until sometime in 2020.⠀

mikerphone - @mikerphonebrewing⠀
auto tune: hazy double india pale ale brewed with nelson sauvin, citra, & lotus hops. mike is one of our favorite ipa producers (and people) in the country, 'nuff said. coming soon!⠀

moksa - @moksabrewing⠀
imperial stout brewed with three mashes and an overnight boil to hit 36 plato starting gravity with all grain (no extracts or other sugars). this one will spend 18-24 months in barrels.⠀

side project - @sideprojectbrew⠀
english-style barleywine brewed with simpsons low colour maris otter malt and british and german crystal/specialty malts, then fermented with english yeast. this is another one that will spend 18+ months in barrels.⠀

whew! that's it folks. have a wonderful weekend, cheers!

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Brace yourselves folks, winte.........wait, no, that's not right.⠀

you need not brace thyself for chilly weather, but rather this week's two releases, because while both are returning favorites, neither one - wait for it - is an ipa.⠀


our fruited sours have been flying out of the taproom lately and so we wanted to beef up the selection a little bit. to that end we bring you this week's beers:⠀

🍑 apricot gose 🍑⠀
making it's return for the first time in more than a year, apricot gose starts with a traditional german malt bill consisting of 50% pilsen malt and 50% wheat malt, which we then kettle sour and add a massive amount of apricot to complement the tartness of the base beer. the sea salt and coriander add to the complexity, producing a beer that is tart, dry, salty, fruity and extremely refreshing. ⠀

🍈🥧 key lime pie berliner 🥧🍈⠀
freshly squeezed key limes, vanilla beans, and just a hint of graham c*****r pair perfectly with the tart wheat base beer in our key lime pie berliner. we colored a bit outside the lines to recreate our favorite summer dessert, adding over 250 lbs of key lime puree for the signature citrus character, lactose and vanilla beans for the pie filling, and just a hint of graham c*****r for the crust. tart, creamy, complex, and dangerously drinkable, klpb is the perfect way to kick off the spring.⠀

both beers are available on draft starting today at noon, and will be available in cans to-go starting at noon tomorrow (4.19). $14 per 4-pack, limit 1 case per person on each.⠀ also, we will have the amazing @everyones_table on-site for your culinary delight from 5-8pm tonight!

📷: @epicimages

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We apologize for the late announcement, but the craft brewer's conference had us all over the place this week. today we have 3 beers to announce, two returning and one brand new! all are available starting today on draft and in cans to-go!⠀

food trucks
fri: @hopandhoe
sat: @thetrampabout
🍦🍨neapolitan ice cream sour🍨🍦⠀
it's back! the response to this fun soda-shoppe inspired sour ale was so overwhelmingly positive that we decided to bring it back asap. brewed with milk sugar, milk chocolate, strawberry puree and vanilla. 4.7% abv⠀

$14 per 4-pack, limit 1 case per person.⠀

☕️🍁coffee maple achromatic🍁☕️⠀
we technically released this one on monday but wanted to make sure it got a greater feature. chewy and creamy with tons of chocolate malt, huge additions of maple syrup, and enough coffee to balance, coffee maple achromatic is our quintessential breakfast beer. we boil for more than 6 hours to achieve the unbelievably rich, chewy, thick mouthfeel of the base beer. we take the decadence to the next level with multiple maple syrup additions throughout the process, which are a perfect complement to the huge addition of barrel-aged peruvian coffee from our friends at zoe's cafe, which was aged for several weeks in a spent medianoche bourbon barrel before roasting. we are extremely happy with how this batch turned out and we think you will be too! 10.2% abv⠀

$11 per 19.2oz stovepipe can, limit a half-case per person.⠀

🌠cardboard meteorite🌠⠀
8.3% hazy double ipa brewed with mosaic, citra and hbc 344 + hbc 520 experimental hops. continuing our experimentation with new hop varieties, we think this one is really going to block your socks off. notes are as varied as coconut, papaya, lemon zest, watermelon jolly ranchers, grapefruit, passion fruit and vanilla!⠀

$16 per 4-pack, limit 1 case per person!

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Oh hey friends! so on top of our super-fun colorado springs news, we also wanted to let ya know that if you weren't able to snag any tickets for rye and rye vanilla medianoche bottles, we are putting some on sale to-go today starting.............now. please just note the following two very important points:⠀

- this is limited only to folks who did not already get tickets during the original release. anyone found trying to circumvent this particular request will be subject to exclusion from future releases.⠀
- there is a limit of 1 bottle per variant per person (total of 2 bottles, if desired).⠀

so come on down! we have ten (10) cases of each beer for sale, so 120 total allotments if everyone gets one bottle of each. hope to see ya soon!⠀

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We're headed to colorado springs.

new taproom coming later this year, check the link in our profile for all the details.

and for anyone coming up for the party today, here's some deets:

cbc week is upon us, huzzah! in celebration of this fantastic occasion, we're throwing a bit of a party tomorrow for everyone coming into town. starting at noon, we will have the following on deck, plus some additional fun surprises:⠀

- free draft pour (non-barrel aged) when you present your cbc badge/registration credentials. limit 1 per person please!⠀
- exclusive monday release of one of our long-time favorites, coffee maple achromatic imperial stout, on draft and in 19.2oz stovepipe cans to go (starting at 3pm)
- barrel-aged barleywine bottles for purchase⠀
- special medianoche variants on tap⠀
- in-depth tours of the facility and new expansion⠀
- extended patio area with additional draft pour station outside⠀

we're stoked to hang with everyone, come say what's up before the craziness of the week sets in. cheers!⠀

#cbc2019 #allthenoches#finetunedbeer

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Ok folks, quick(ish) friday recap coming your way!⠀

🚨 release update: unfortunately, cherry vanilla milkshake is not quite ready for release but we should have it ready by friday, april 12th. sorry for the late notice but quality is too important us, and it will be worth the wait! 🚨 ⠀

next, please note we will have an extended patio today through monday to accommodate any larger crowds, which will require closing of the main west parking lot entrance. all draft and to-go sales will remain inside the taproom.⠀

medianoche bottles⠀
tickets (either digital or printed) must be presented by the person listed on the ticket in order to purchase bottles (no proxies). we recommend paper tickets for faster scanning. a valid 21+ photo id (no copies) must be presented at the time of pickup, and the name and address on the id must match the name and address of the eventbrite ticketholder.⠀

we will also have rye vanilla medianoche on draft and a couple cases of rye medianoche bottles for on-premise consumption!⠀

food trucks!⠀
friday: @hopandhoe⠀
saturday: @thetrampabout⠀

new can releases!⠀
🌺🍊 lotus ddh juicy bits: hazy ipa brewed with citra, mosaic, el dorado and double dry-hopped with lotus hops. 6.7% abv. $16 per 4-pack, limit 1 case per person.⠀

☕️🥥 coffee coconut stout: imperial milk stout brewed with toasted coconut, peruvian coffee from @zoescafeandevents, and milk sugar. 8% abv. $14 per 4-pack, limit 1 case per person.⠀

that's it for now. we're so stoked to see everyone: for today's release, the beautiful weekend, and our cbc week kickoff party on monday (final recap on that to come). huzzah for good beer and good people!⠀

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Wow! we interrupt your regularly scheduled new beer release updates to bring you this crazy news. we are honored and humbled to win the award for outstanding craft brewer at tonight’s 2019 colorado manufacturing awards. a huge thanks to @companyweekdotcom for organizing the event, and congratulations to our fellow nominees @odellbrewing and @trvebrewing, two of our absolute favorite breweries, not just in colorado, but in the whole wide world! what a great way to kick off cbc week!

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🚨 4/12 update: sadly, cherry vanilla milkshake didn't meet our quality standards, so it will no longer be released. we apologize for the inconvenience but quality is too important to us. 🚨

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Beer #2 for this friday's releases is the return of an old favorite, one of our first canned beers ever!⠀

☕️🥥 coffee coconut stout 🥥☕️⠀
coffee coconut stout, as you may have guessed, features loads of toasted coconut and freshly roasted peruvian coffee from our friends at @zoescafeandevents here in downtown greeley. the sweet, creaminess of the toasted coconut offers a perfect complement to the complex character contributed the mama nelly’s coffee, a blend of four different roasts of the same direct-trade peruvian beans. these delicious, unique flavors are supported by a full-bodied, yet balanced base stout brewed with both lactose and flaked oats for mouthfeel and a variety of chocolate malts, crystal malts, and roasted barley. ⠀

releases on draft and in 4-pack cans to-go tomorrow, 4.5 at noon. $14 per 4-pack, limit 1 case per person.⠀

#beerforbreakfast #ognewlabel #finetunedbeer

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