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I love doggie snouts! 😍

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Those paws hugging kiko so tight though 😍
that is one good watson hug

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The boys decided to give me the best sunset view ever 😂

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Adventure cat on point 👌

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Summer vibes!
harry the cat is back outdoors and finally out for his first swim at the lake.
harry likes water and it’s pretty okay with baths at home.
now going to a lake is not the same so i took a risk taking him. he did not like it when it was to deep or to far from the shore. if it was to far from shore he liked to be hugged by us. however he was cool with being near the shore and didn’t freak out so that was great!
overall it was a fun new experience.
i did had to go through a process with him as a kitten to get him acclimated to the water.
for those of you interested in knowing the exercises i did with him i’ll be posting on our igtv in a couple of days.

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The best kind of kisses in the world.
puppy smooches!

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I absolutely love these guys! how are they so calm you my ask? truth is they are always calm when they are home.
the moment they are outside they are so wildly crazy! 😂
harry has a bit of a “i hate this” kind of look but he is a cat and he always has that look. if he didn’t like to be there he wouldn’t be so calm laying with his brothers.
love my boys i feel so lucky to have them in my life and to get to witness special moments. also lucky to get to see everyday those beautiful kiko teefies that are so adorable, unique and beautiful.

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Lake vibes, best friends and good food! keep it cool this summer. #sponsored @nutrish a recipe for every pet #nutrishpets

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I tried to get everyone in one photo and it was just a mess. but messy family photos are the best.
watson always the relaxed one of the bunch, trying to keep everyone else calm.
kiko being the goof ball, showing his teefies and making some adorable face.
harry being such a cat, being all “yeah whatever”.
and my little diva london. she is like “what i’m i doing with these three fools i’m out” 😂
all the four with different personalities and all so special in their own way. so lucky to have them!
blanket by @spirithoods

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Cute puppy butts!
kiko is proud of his adorable fluffy booty. i mean look at that look his giving me, lol.

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This was perfect timing, the boys were so tired after this hike. laying bully up and chilling on the grass was the perfect idea to rest.

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Wait for it...
if you think you are a flower you will become a flower.

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