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comment 5 star 3,133 17 hours ago

"honesty is an expensive gift, don't expect it from cheap people"

comment 4 star 4,421 Yesterday

It takes me .005 seconds to not f**k with you anymore

comment 5 star 4,012 3 days ago

Once upon a time i forgot to give a fuck and i lived happily ever after

comment 6 star 3,963 5 days ago

I dislike girls who are like "if only she knew her bf was in my dms" so... why don't u tell her.. she'd probably love to know

comment 13 star 4,197 6 days ago

Iphones need a feature where an incoming call doesn’t take up the whole screen so u can do other things while u ignore a phone call

comment 9 star 3,691 1 weeks ago

I am so blessed that you weren't there when i needed you because now i don't

comment 2 star 3,772 2 weeks ago

I own only one drop of blood, which sprints through my veins like a rabid dog. when she hits my brain, i explode with knowledge. i fear it.

comment 5 star 3,955 2 weeks ago

Time to undress

comment 7 star 4,257 2 weeks ago

2017 no more fake feminists please just using the girl power trend to get famous when they thrive off conflict/competition with women. plz

comment 4 star 4,738 3 weeks ago

If i ever stopped f*****g with you, no love lost. i still wanna see you eat, just not with me.

comment 1 star 3,995 3 weeks ago

We can accept god becoming man to save man, but not man becoming god to save himself.

comment 2 star 3,803 3 weeks ago