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When someone else does something we don't like, we tend to assume it's character. when we do that same thing, we assume it's circumstance. (follow @trinity_xi)

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When i share my love, i can literally feel it flowing through my body. it's the purest, warmest, tingly flow of energy. - @trinity_xi

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Happy birthday to my beautiful sister turning 12 today. i love you loads and if you somehow are reading this the earth hums and kisses your feet each step you take. ty for coming from the skies and cosmos above ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’— - @trinity_xi

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You know who is the most awesome person in the world let me tell you . . . read the 13th word๏ปฟ - @trinity_xi

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Are you tapping into the god within you - @trinity_xi

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The human heart beats approximately 4,000 times per hour and each pulse, each throb, each palpitation is a trophy engraved with the words ‘you are still alive.’ you are still alive. act like it.

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There is universal wisdom in recognizing people who irritate us are expressing qualities that we ourselves have. be willing to do the work. having the ability to see something in another person and bring the observation back to ourselves, is how we engage in the inner work.

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I'm the type of person that comes out of the shower just to skip the song i don't like

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Cheat on your cell phone once in a while with a book

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"your pizza will be there in 30-45 minutes" *46 minutes later* me on the phone with the pizza place: i just think it's really funny how

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If you have a problem with me you can call me. if you don't have my number then you don't know me enough to have a problem

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On a scale of 1-10, what's your favourite colour of the alphabet?

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