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All ends 
to begin again 
today something in you 
will die 
today something in your 
life will depart 
you will rest in darkness 
break the blackness 
then rise again 
to a new life 
over and over 
a sun setting and rising 
in eternal renewal

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Karma is not a bitch. she is pure mathematics. consequences for actions. life is balance.

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The opposite of deja vu is ‘jamais vu’. this happens when you experience something you recognise but feel extremely unfamiliar with. it can also happen when seeing a person you know or reading a word you’ve seen many times before.

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The empty mind is full of power

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The root of all your disharmony is fear of death the fear of oblivion the dissolution of self this fear is born of a lie the illusion of finality the consciousness dissolves to be all that is to reform again in a mirror of all that is what is is it always is always will be you are trapped in the fear of transformation when transformation will set you free let the great change come dissolve and reform die to be reborn to live in eternal completion

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You are young in flesh 
but ancient in soul 
eternal in spirit 
all is perfect 
through creation and destruction 
there is no mistake 
your destruction is the awakening of young flesh 
to ancient soul
to eternal spirit 
be free in your chaos

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If you offend me the weakness is mine not yours

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Your anger 
will only speak of your fear 
your hatred 
will speak of your powerlessness 
your flesh 
your actions 
will speak 
in your being 
the truth of what you are

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Death has come to take me many times every time i welcomed her into my arms she delivered to me in love a greater person each time ... soon i will welcome her again and once more again a greater person will emerge she is wisdom dressed in black

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True creativity flows only from stillness when stillness becomes conscious the spiritual dimension enters your life and you begin to be guided by an intelligence far greater than the human mind.

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In absence of knowledge the bringer of light is feared as darkness

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There comes a time when all is shattered the pieces lay strewn at your feet they can not be reformed they must be reduced to essence within the flames to be reformed again in the fire of rebirth

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Death is my guide whispering the way

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Cast your eye to the east set your gaze upon the horizon with time and patience you will see the sun rise cast your eye within set your gaze upon correction with time and patience your power will come

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Move from the awareness of what you have into the awareness of what you are sit in your wealth

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To strike in power i shift weight to act in power i shift mind

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Angels can only rest if they close their eyes to the burden of the world

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You are a caterpillar that has struggled in the cocoon the struggle has been needed to bring blood to your growing wings no one can break your cocoon until the wings have grown only you can break the cocoon with the fully grown wings but once it breaks you must forget you are a caterpillar and fly the butterfly must leave the world of caterpillars

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If you can not speak the solution remain silent for the solution exists within the silence

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Knowledge is free you pay for ignorance

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