David Vidal Canadian living in Sweden, trained in Malta 🇨🇦🇲🇹🇸🇪 Sous Chef at Laholmen Hotel Member of Culinary Team West of Sweden [email protected] https://youtu.be/nCq1dnhV2F8
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Raspberry and dulcey

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Raspberry, blueberry, opalys and lemon @silikomartprofessional

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Blackberry and lemon

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One of my courses from this year @_hangar78 @silikomartprofessional. @kentaur.dk

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Gingerbread, orange and hazelnut @silikomartprofessional

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Apple, burnt butter, vanilla and dulcey #västergården

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Pies from todays lunch buffet @scandiclaholmen @silikomartprofessional

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Trying out a new dessert. inspired by the best @fredrik_borgskog 👑 #västergården @silikomartprofessional

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Desserts from tonights service @scandiclaholmen

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Blueberry, dulcey and blackberry @silikomartprofessional

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Raspberry meringue pie

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Sea buckthorn, almond and burnt butter from my course in tel aviv earlier this year. @hodayakelif
photo by: @benpalhov

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