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I love an edgy bride and daring mother of the bride. this sexy custom pantsuit is the brianna. i think we'll see a lot more mother of the brides choosing fashion-forward designs this fall. i can't wait to outfit them with this exquisite piece, tailored perfectly to their measurements.
at valencienne, i pride myself on being cutting edge with my gowns and an impeccable design for detail. all our dresses are handcrafted with the most luxurious silk fabrics in toronto.
if you've been to tons of bridal shops, and you're ready to stop popping advil, stop not fitting into dresses properly, and stop feeling burnt out from "the search", click the link in our bio, ☝🏼or message me. i can help take the weight off your shoulders, so we can start crafting the perfect bespoke wedding gown for you.
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Okay so it's a few weeks before your wedding and you don't know what to wear under your custom wedding dress. as we all know it's just as important what goes under the gown😉 we love thinking up inspiration for the honeymoon and the wedding night! here are some of our tips for choosing the lingerie that best suits your style of dress.
i suggest waiting until you know what exact design we'll be creating for you to wear on your wedding day. this will help us decide on the type of undergarments to create or for you to purchase.
we often suggest custom lingerie to go with the dress, but if that's not in the budget, book an appointment at a store and make it a fun, enjoyable experience! you only get to do this once!
dresses that are voluminous or made of thicker fabrics allow brides to have fun with their wedding lingerie. don't be afriad to express your personality and wear what makes you feel confident. your favourite knickers (even if they're grannie panties!) or something more adventurous.
for slim fitting dresses underwear that is flat against you, like a nude coloured thong works perfectly. but if you feel like a lace thong, you do you! but try for one with high-tech seamless lace so it lays flat.
dresses that highlight body parts call for more strategic undergarments. with so many shapewear options out there, you'll never feel limited. no need for nude bike shorts anymore 😉

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Why go the custom dress route? sometimes it's too hard to find the perfect dress... there's too much pressure on it. custom dresses offer the perfect solution.
so why not take away the stress and combine 3 of your favourite dress styles into one that you can wear on your wedding day with a custom dress!
whether it's a mermaid, column, a-line (modified), ball gown, tea length or trumpet we can create your wildest dreams. who else loves this tulle skirt with a light blue bodice we custom created for a @wedluxe publication.
swipe left to see the full beauty.
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Are you writing a note to your groom for him to read the morning of your wedding day? we love when brides do this! for my wedding day, i hand embroidered a love note to my husband jeff into his tie. it's the little details that are such memorable moments.
i suggest speak from your heart and include little details, not only that you love them, but why you love them. the more specific the better.
a few months before the wedding day start a secrets notes section on your phone and start writing down when inspiration strikes you, any cute anecdotes or stories you can think of (this can be used for your wedding vows and speech too!)
i also suggest writing it on some beautiful paper (or on the inside of his tie, or bottom of his shoe!) so the photographer can take some lovely images and so you'll both have a keepsake forever. photography @anthonypmanieri

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The valencienne team knows this better than anyone! every gown is hand stitched, drawn, designed and lovingly crafted for our brides in toronto, ontario.💜

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This custom designed gown was drawn and crafted by me and sewn by our team in-house.

we have some of the most talented crew, don't you think?

this beauty was featured on the infamous @stylemepretty publication. what a dream to be included amongst so many amazing designers. we have the best friendors that helped put this shoot together!


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Va va voom! what do you guys think? are you digging this puff sleeve from the gown we custom designed for this photo shoot?

we totally dig it. kind of a modern-day take on the princess diana (or little mermaid ariel) wedding dresses.
grateful that our brides can shine today after a little break in the heat wave for all the beautiful couples getting married this weekend!

@valencienneto @elsacorsi

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With so many beautiful, soft and luxurious fabrics it's hard to imagine what type you would want for your own wedding dress.
although our team at valencienne helps our bride's figure this out, here are some helpful tips to get your brain thinking before you come in for a custom gown.
while organza is stiff and helps hold it's shape, it can get wrinkly super quickly. it's great for making a light floating full skirt.
taffeta, when molded just right lies flat making it a super slimming fabric, but it's very difficult to steam and hard to avoid creasing it.
chiffon is great for summer weddings or destination weddings as it weighs next to nothing! but be careful, this material snags super easily (think wedding rings, cuff links etc)
point d' esprit fabric has tiny polka dots which help add dimension without any extra bulk, but if you're getting married outdoors in the spring or july, you may want to consider that this fabric catches small insects.
satin, the fabric that never goes out of style. the only con we have with this fabric is that sometimes you can see every bra, underwear line and imperfections through this type of fabric, therefore the correct construction and handling of satin is paramount in order to avoid these issues. 💞
lace. oh be still our beating hearts. there are so many options for lace out there, it's endless! laces can vary in many ways and we look forward to sharing with you all the different varieties.
we love working with lace like this custom designed dress, look at that lace train! love her legs peeking through the bottom half. i bet her husband did too. 😉


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Happy canada day weekend! while we have no red here, we do have some white! do you know why bride's traditionally wear white on their wedding day?
of course, i've seen more and more brides doing fun things with the colour of their dresses or patterns, but ultimately most people still opt to wear white on their wedding day.

before the 1800's most brides wore red and a plethora of other colours ranging from blue, yellow, black, brown and even grey.

queen victoria is most noted for starting the tradition in 1840 when she married prince albert. after their wedding, the colour white for weddings resembled wealth and social status. so of course, everyone wanted that!

in greece back in the day, they wore a white dress, white flowers and even painted their bodies white!

in north america, we didn't fully adopt this white tradition until after world war 2. this was probably because of the influence of hollywood movies and portrayals of weddings in movies.🎥
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Find your other weird half and love them hard!❤️

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Yes. it's true! we've been called fairy godmothers before. our heart warms every time we think of all the kind words daniela said about us.
"this dress made me feel beautiful, not once did i think that i had compromised the way i wanted to look and feel that day because of my size. i was confident in this dress as i knew that they [kim and her team] had found a way to highlight my best features and i knew that all of this could happen only because of the care and attention that they put into each gown.
this was not something that was mass produced, these ladies knew me, they knew my body language and could read my face and they did everything to make sure that when something wasn’t exactly perfect that they rectified it because they care about each and every person who walks through the door.
not only was i blessed enough to have them design my wedding gown, but they also designed the dress i wore for my shower- a red dress with the most gorgeous floral trim; and they created my mom’s evening gown for our wedding reception, a navy ballgown with the most beautiful beaded top."
we love you daniela and are so happy you felt so confident and beautiful on your wedding day! the way it should be!
photography: @5ive15ifteen

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Are you bold enough to pull this off? one of our #valenciennebride's was!
capes are so hot right now. one of the more modern styles for the season. don't you think? we're pretty sure they're the it factor for this year.
we loved designing, styling and handcrafting this beautiful cape for joyce li on her wedding day.
here are some kind words from joyce; "thank you so much for creating my dream – game of thrones inspired gown!!i can’t wait to walk down the aisle in this dress and am certain nobody will forget the head-turning cape. you’ve all been so easy to work with and i knew i had made the right choice to go bespoke!"
professional photography by @silverlightphotography

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