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2 days away from the @tinyhousejamboree in austin, tx. come see our virtual reality of our tiny homes and park models.

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It's official, we will be there. hope to see you there! let us know if you are looking to attend and what you are looking forward to seeing.

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Busy on mother's day, people checking out tiny homes at chicago tiny home show.

comment 1 star 25 May 2018

Early morning, getting ready for the final day of the chicago tiny home show.

comment 1 star 17 May 2018

Busy day at the chicago tiny home show

comment 4 star 41 May 2018

Last and final day here at the minneapolis home and garden show. thanks to all that came out to see us. show is open until 6 tonight if you are in the area. have a great sunday!

comment 1 star 22 April 2018

People love trying out the virtual reality.

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At the home show with out virtual reality. the calm before the storm.

comment 2 star 39 April 2018

A wide angle shot inside our valley forge model.

comment 1 star 64 March 2018

Here is a bathroom image of our 800 sq.ft acorn model. floor plan will go up soon.

comment 2 star 47 March 2018

An interior view of our acorn model, kitchen and living space.

comment 3 star 127 March 2018

Meet a new model called the acorn. looking for something bigger than 400 sq.ft, this model is 800 sq.ft.

comment 9 star 123 March 2018