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@k9_exo_the_five_0 is ready to work!!

comment 0 star 54 September 2018

Officer foster and his k9 partner moose from manchester nh! @suetraversphotography

comment 2 star 94 September 2018

K9 maddy protecting times square! love this pic @k9maddy

comment 1 star 87 August 2018

K9 stiehl looking out for crime! @thebronze77

comment 2 star 81 August 2018

Caption this!

comment 4 star 57 June 2018

They definitely aren’t for everyone! #belgianmalinois

comment 9 star 148 June 2018

K9 doug getting in some early morning agility!

comment 1 star 109 May 2018

K9 teams at national detector trials at @stocktonuniversity. thanks to @k9horn for these awesome pics

comment 1 star 136 May 2018

Some of the teams at scent trials at @stocktonuniversity. thanks @cargoraxx for sharing this picture with us.

comment 0 star 99 May 2018

K9 stiehl from mtapd. bet he doesn’t show criminals those adorable puppy eyes 😎 @thebronze77

comment 2 star 93 May 2018

K9 edie and handler coming in first place at region 18’s explosive detection trials! @koda_mn

comment 7 star 185 May 2018

K9 maddy and handler (from nypd). love this photo! thanks for sharing with us @k9maddy

comment 2 star 134 May 2018