A street riding video. http://digbmx.com/videos/us-them-trailer
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. late night skatenaked action. @ryandavidhoward @nick.wooton @ricwood937 @b0rn2lose

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. diy not? with a few bags of quickcrete and a little effort we turned this tipped over barrier into one of the funniest spots in dayton. all things come to an end though and this lot is now filled with buses and the barrier hip has since been removed. enjoy the good times while they last. @ryandavidhoward @nick.wooton @jakecoulson_ @hell_smash @jeffreymilby_

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. one drawback to working on a long term project is the inevitable abd or 1up that happens before the video sees the light of day. this is a small collection of those tricks from the last 2+ years. @jakecoulson_ @hell_smash @ryandavidhoward @zackgerber

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. a wild crackhead on the loose or @zackgerber?

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. tuesday nights with the boys. @ryandavidhoward @b0rn2lose @nick.wooton

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. applebee’s with the boys

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. winter 2011 from the short lived lost nation skatepark. featuring @codycapper @b0rn2lose @zach_borton @ryandavidhoward @brandonmccoy937 @jeffreymilby_

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. @theflowskatepark winter 2012 action featuring @ryandavidhoward @b0rn2lose and @ricwood937

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. @zackgerber two piece combo in dirty jersey. 📸 @chrismarshallphoto

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. every steep bank is like a quarter pipe if you ride it right. @ryandavidhoward downside icepick 📸 @zackgerber

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. flashback to warmer days with shorts and sledgehammers instead of coats and snow shovels.

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. happy birthday to my mans @xjeremy_bargerx

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. @ryandavidhoward driving it in in crusty land. 📸 @jakecoulson_

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. dead leaves and the dirty ground when i know you're not around shiny tops and soda pops when i hear your lips make a sound.

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. there is a ghost in the house get f**k out. @n.transit over crook.

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. front wheel first or ur last. @jakecoulson_

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