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Welp, that's a wrap. @cinemabmx #districtofcinema has been nothing but laughs with @dakroche @reynoldsfiend @coreymartinezz @chadkerley @will_stroud @kevinconners @harleyhaskett all the love for @bkachinsky for showing us around! ❤️✌🏼 📷 -@dakroche

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I fall a lot 🤓 📹 @coreymartinezz @cinemabmx

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| having a lot of fun out here in d.c. with one of the best crews |. #districtofcinema @dakroche @chadkerley @coreymartinezz @reynoldsfiend @will_stroud @kevinconners @harleyhaskett @cinemabmx

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Throw back from a little video i filmed with @dakroche for @etniesbmx many many 🌙s ago. baaaackflip 😂 😂

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Rest in peace shane. it doesn't seem real. you will be missed so much brother ❤️

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Little over pegs into the bank while waiting for the boys to get to the school the other day. chirp chirp chirp

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Jib jammin yesterday with the fellers @dakroche & @calvinkosovich ✌🏼☀️

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Don't be a fool 🤗 link in my bio to shop for some really good mid season sales ✌🏼❤️ #etnies #jamesonvulc #bmx #apparel @devonsmillie @rubenalcantara @chasehawk @dehart856 @theaaronross @tommydugan @_bennyl

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Here is a short clip from the #inthecut video @digbmx posted from the #vansbmxstreetinvitational 🎥 @cmortenson

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Thankful and stoked to be riding bikes and soaking up the sun with good friends the last couple days ☀️🚲☕️

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@danscompinstagram put together a parts list of my setup right now. head over to their website to find the product! 🤗 @united_bmx @etniesbmx @cinemabmx @antidotebmx

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Had so much fun riding with everyone and watching all the craziness this past weekend at the #vansbmxstreetinvitational thanks to @bakosphoto for shooting this switch over ice! ☀️🚲❤️

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Had a fun time last week in nashville with @peteradam finishing up filming my @xgames section. feeling very thankful for the opportunity to be involved 😊🙅🏼‍♂️

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Random funk while out in nashville filming for @xgames #realbmx 📹 @littlepatrick

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@peteradam and i pecking around yesterday 🐤 i wish i could skate haha

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@etniesbmx #etnieschapters coming soon 🤗 📸 @hadrienpicard

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Nickle bag of funk 🎞 @coreymartinezz

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Cali has been fun with these fellers @peteradam @tomdeville_ @sebastianton_ filming for @xgames #realbmx now to start my 30 hr drive home ✌🏼 📸 @salty_bastard

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