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So stoked and grateful to get invited to film a part for @xgames #realbmx with @peteradam this year! it's going to be a fun next couple weeks!

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This actually felt like being on a rollercoaster 🎢🎢🎢 @united_bmx @etniesbmx @cinemabmx @danscompinstagram @antidotebmx

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Rode skateparks all day with @dakroche and i am not complaining one bit! 📱- dak

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Jibbles and bits with some earthquake cam

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Fresh @etniesbmx #jamesonvulc feelin 👌🏼 head to @danscompinstagram to scoop yourself a pair!

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Dodging rain and grindin stoppers today with @christianrigal

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Random little x up grind from a #etnieschapters trip in lisbon a few months back

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Low and slow 🐌 📹 @ynotwoodland

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One from a little session at the park today 📹 @littlepatrick

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Grinded some wires the other day with @littlepatrick

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Bar photo shot by @christianrigal when he was in town a few months ago that ended up in the new @ridebmx

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Little skatepark nooget from earlier tonight 🎥 @shadyshane

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It was ice cold but the snow is gone so i got a little cruise in with the pup

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Manual 180 from my #stillunited section 📸 @fyanrudger

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Pretty hyped on the new graphics with for my #mothership frame! hit up @danscompinstagram to getcha one @united_bmx @homedogjameson

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@antidotebmx soon! 👀👀👀

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Christmas is coming. i've heard shoes make great gifts. especially @etniesbmx #jamesonvulc 😍

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