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I miss some of you little fuckers a lot...we don't speak much :( ...let me f*****g squeeze you!

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Ahhh, precious baby😤😩 *claimed* 💗💗💗

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And finally i've come to the point when i don't know how easily i can trust people...thanks ******* ♡♡♡♡

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Happy gobble, you little turkey legs!!!💗 sorry for the last post. but ahhh, yeah, i kinda s**k with words, but if you're tagged, just know you are one of the most important people to me, and if i were to loose you, ohhhh doggie! wwoooah- boi! wheeze! but seriously, i'm thankful for you all. i hope you guys had an amazing day even if you don't celebrate and even more amazing days to come🐰✨🕊🏹🌷 mwah!

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I'm so done with some people and i know they're done with me, honestly i can just smile about it because i know i'm a little shoulder sitter. :))) 💗🐒🌈🕊🐻💙🌼🐳🌻♡♡

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La decisione della mia decisione ha solo peggiorato le cose 🕊
[random tags♡]

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[random tags]🕊 je ne peux pas sérieusement m'empêcher de tomber amoureuse de toi ♡

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Best caption: no caption
double: negative
because: there is a caption
and: it's ongoing
i'm: s****d
good: morning
thank: god
it's: thanksgiving break
bye: suckers
just kidding: i love you
or: do i? 🕊

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Hey, tougy!!!!!!💛🌻🏹🐝💙🐻
where do i start...ahhh. we've been eachother's own for approximately 13 hours now...💗🏹 and time is no more than a number (edit: that makes no sense..aha), one in which doesn't always define the complete probability of love, but the two involved♡ i appreciate you so much, tougy!💜 sometimes it hurts to have someone in heart, but no in arms...frankly, i don't have to say much more...you know what i'm going to say next...💛🌻i love you so much. you are my day's beginning and end.🏹🐝💙🐻 good night, my sterling light...until another day...to call you my own...to call you mine🌻💘✨ {i apologize this is so short and basic, i'm half conscience...but i hope i got some of the message across, long story short, i love you more than the stars and heavens combined, my toughy wougy!!!!💙💜💖💙💜💖💙💜💖💙}

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