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As the father of an autistic black man, this infuriate and frightens me. bradford nelson iii remembers little about the afternoon last month when he struggled on the hot pavement, its surface searing his bare skin. but records tell the story of how he wound up in the uc davis medical center burn unit, near death with severe wounds on the upper half of his body. the injuries occurred june 23 in a kfc parking lot when citrus heights police officers held him on the ground after receiving calls that he was acting erratically at the restaurant. it was about 100 degrees that afternoon in the sacramento area. the temperature of the asphalt parking lot would have been close to 170 degrees, according to estimates by the national weather service. an egg begins frying at about 144 degrees, and human skin “is instantly destroyed” at 162, according to the service. on monday, nelson, heavily sedated by pain medication and still in intensive care with burns on his torso, face and buttocks, told the bee he was unable to recall his interactions with police that day. his mother, tarsha benigno, described it as torture. “he had a schizophrenic episode, and now he’s fighting for his life,” she said, sitting in a hospital waiting room with her husband. “even a dog doesn’t deserve to be treated like this.” police acknowledge that they held a shirtless nelson down in the kfc parking lot on auburn boulevard after he became “combative” and tried to flee from them. they said they poured water on him once they realized he had been burned and called paramedics for help. an ambulance rushed him to the uc davis emergency room, where he later was transferred to the burn intensive care unit. benigno said doctors told her he was unconscious for three days. #wakeup, #blackisbeautiful, #blackpride #problack, #justiceorelse, #blacklove, #melanin, #love, #protest, #blackpeople, #africa, #knowledgeofself, #freedom, #melanin, #nubian, #blackexcellence, #panafrican, #woke, #myblackisbeautiful

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