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On the road back to santiago de chile.

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Chilling in #chile.

comment 6 star 109 2 days ago

Arriving to #chile by #plane. what else ?

comment 1 star 91 5 days ago

Looking towards the future. last day in this flat. time for a new adventure in chile!

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@rom.togui and i recording our podcast, vertical future for @minutebuzz.
listen a new episode every sunday on your favorite podcast app (in french).

comment 1 star 63 2 weeks ago

This one has been made by august #bartholdi. he is also know for the #statue of liberty. you can find this #sculpture in #lyon, in front of the city hall.

comment 0 star 78 2 weeks ago

A nice #sunset spot in #barbentane (france). cc @hamzalabra

comment 2 star 85 2 weeks ago

Over the roofs in barbentane !

comment 1 star 60 2 weeks ago

Took this picture while waiting for my friend @lalouloli in #paris.

comment 2 star 81 3 weeks ago

Balanced! found this near alicante.

comment 1 star 96 3 weeks ago

Finally... the epic #view over #alicante.

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