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🎥 @skipmang

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#theoccült @miskell4 @blood_wizard is coming..

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Marina 🎥 @devilslettuceskate

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Had the pleasure of filming and editing the first @madnessskateboards promo. go check it out on @thrashermag feat. @claykreiner @jackfardell @alexperelson @stew_bacca additional filming by @peacocksk8 & @wilcoxfilms and epic tunes by @cherokee_hardrock

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He’s gonna win it for america!! @tomschaar video up now link in @vansparkseries bio!!! #masherthemajestic

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My favorite things in this world ❤️ @kryshelle #masherthemajestic #bansheethegreat

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If you’re not first you’re last @bronsonspeedco 🎥 @peacocksk8

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The best of times yesterday with @davidgonzalez 🤘🏻

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Masher wsvt 23 minutes rough cut up on @thrashermag thank you to everyone that helped me make the wsvt masher as epic as we could. @claykreiner @wheelbarrow @twistthewrist @greyson_fletcher @kevin_kowalski @alexperelson @chrisrussell_mbk @omarhassan @skipmang @noguf

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Tweesting 101 @devilslettuceskate

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