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And as if by magic, my next @suicidegirls set appears! this one features my good friend @unfortunataliejane - an awesome human in every way. @suicidegirls uk

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My latest @suicidegirls set has just gone live. this time, beautiful @juddesuicide is behind the mask.

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This wicked video featuring amazing @mandeelousuicide has just gone live at tripodski.com - go check it out!! music: van helen, ain’t talkin bout love.

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It’s her majesty the queen’s birthday today (and mine), and to celebrate, tripodski.com will be sending this set featuring the queen of uk alternative modelling to our followers soon!

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At tripodski.com i give away a lot of signed instax!
the latest batch is a multi-girl special featuring all your favourites! to get one you just need to sign up at tripodski.com and ask!

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Don’t forget.. if you want this red hot new set from @xohopeiero - you only have a few hours to sign up at tripodski.com

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Inspired by these weather feels 🌞, this set is now live on @kawaiikeshia’s patreon!

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Anyone want a free signed poster of @amortentia_sg?

head over to tripodski.com for details.

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Tomorrow at tripodski.com.. @xohopeiero is hotter than ever!!

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Beautiful @vaughn.sg is the latest amazing human to grace the pages of tripodski.com

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This set is hitting @kawaiikeshia”s patreon later.. probably our favourite set ever!

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My latest @suicidegirls set has gone live. it features jessica stephanie and it’s awesome, go take a look! @suicidegirls uk

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