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You have been a great match.
(and an amazing app😋)
20lb of top quality great amberjack.
look at the marveling of this beauty!!
this is one of the most satisfying moments i had in a long time.

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Get in my (tuna) belly
tuna belly, truffle rouille, scallions, hot sesame oil to sear the top, caviar, shallots and sesame seeds.
all on my house made crackcaccia 😋

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“oooops! i dropped my ice cream “
. .
israeli sunday :
date honey, parallel tahini, candid pecans, our home made halva on a yogurt ice cream
“homage to my favorite chefs table episode with @massimobottura

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“never judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree...
just cook him instead in white wine, lemon, olive oil, garlic cumin and paprika, sprinkle some parsley and add butter at the end.
oh yea, use the tree to make a wood board and serve while hot ..:)”
-albert einstein-😋
lavrak(branzino) with 8 different sauces, all we make in house .
we’re back at it again tomorrow, only for dinner service :)

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My favorite hobby is day dreaming...

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Paint with food.
fresh hawaiian kanpachi (amberjack) sashimi with spicy mango and spicy avocado cream, radish, shallot, shaved fenenel, pomegranate seeds, chillies, cilantro, watercress and olive oil

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We built a tipi made out of rosemary sable׳ and i call it the “hide out“
hiding inside is an asparagus&tahini home made ice cream on pistachio and dark chocolate gnash, with halva crumble .
digging the asparagus tahini ice cream

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It wasn’t broken and i didn’t fix it, i just topped it with our special malabi cream and a little bit more strawberries

only have like 6 left.
come grab one

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Tiropita .
goat cheese, local honey, cinnamon and pistachio.
rose water syrup and fresh ontario strawberry

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It was a pleasure cooking with such talented people yesterday.
glad to have met you all, and glad to be a part of this great cause.
p.s i’m framing this beautiful apron 😅
@chefjordanwagman @_alexander_ohimmigan_

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Every p*t tells a story
what’s yours?

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I always believed it’s all about the story telling.
you’ve done it right and always made us all curious.
you managed to be honest and non apologetic in an era of fake and shallowness.
you kept it real all the way and you did it the best.
you’ve inspired in a different way,
and like frankie said, you did it your way.
r.i.p legend, you will be missed. “never eat eggs benny at a restaurant, no one ever made hollandaise per order”
#youleftalegacy #legend #antohnybourdain

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