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Pray, fast, sleep, repeat.
the most meaningful and spiritual place in israel, on the most meaningful and spiritual day.

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This mind blowing pastry got to my ig.
chachaz - cheese.
puri - bread
this was probably the best i ever had.
filled with georgian cheese mixture, spinach, egg and a knob of butter.
i’m for sure gonna make one when i’m back
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Signed sealed delivered .
i left you a special package at parallel while im away, just keep opening it :) .
“grouper en papillote”, cooked to perfection, covered tomato garlic butter, fire roasted vegetables with thyme, our homemade tahini ,confit garlic and mustard green

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My favorite omelette on my favorite plate in my favorite place
e-ja - iraqi style herb omelette filled with parsley, cilantro, cumin and caraway, topped with anaheim chilies.

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Malabi is a ritual more then a dessert.
friday afternoon.
a bunch of tired 18 year olds that just came back from the army for the weekend at a corner shop on “jerusalem st”.
eating malabi and catching up on what we just learned and how hard it is to adjust.
the first bite would silent every one.
the second , the same
the third, forth, fifth...done.
this time next week i’ll be home, eating the real thing.)
oh yea,
we now have this on the menu,
malabi with blueberry&rose cooli and salted peanuts.

#shabbatshalom #going #home #soon #memorylane #food #chef #malabiislife

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That feeling you had as a kid when you played in the sand box.
this joy you had building sand castles,
dipping your toes in the warm sand,
not a care in the world, just joy.
this is what it feels like.
pistachio&humera sesame seeds from ethiopia tuna tataki

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Take control of your own life.
stop making excuses.
stop cutting your self slack.
be focus, be smart, be quick.
this isn’t the glamours life and it’s definitely not for everyone.
all long hours, angry costumers, events, staff, services, prep, inventory accounting etc..
but when the moment comes and it chooses you - you do it.
keep on cooking.
keep on hustling.
#cheflife #chefgrind #tiredchef #everydayimhussling

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Moment of pure clarity .
tuna tataki

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“you must not let anyone define your limits because where you come from.
your only limit is your soul”
open face lasagna with seared levrak, wild ontario lobster mushrooms, grilled ontario corn, local ontario roasted heirloom tomatoes, glazed carrots in white wine, butter sage sauce.
and yea
shaved black truffle on top.

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This is my dessert garden
(and how my brain looks like)
table desserts are officially a thing now

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I don’t usually do private events but this one was an exception.
my instruction was : make it yummy.
i think we did a good job 😊
tuna tataki, mango yuzu chilli cream, avocado and sheep yogurt cream, chilli, grilled corn and scallion curls.

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“hi i just ate you.
this is crazy,
here’s my number
so cauli me maybe”
cauliflower on beet tahini with walnuts, mint, scallion, parsley and preserved lemon aioli.

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