Tom St George Underwater photographer - Tulum, Mexico. All shots taken with Olympus Micro Four Thirds cameras and lenses. http://tomstgeorge.com/
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Practising some underwater yoga with my niece 😁

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Portrait of my niece just chilling at the bottom of the pool 😀

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Hanging out in the pool with my niece doing an underwater fashion shoot 😁

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@aonvarisa rocking the underwater modeling at cenote carwash 🤙

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A very productive photo session with @aonvarisa at cenote carwash. aon did a really amazing job with the modeling with just a little bit of expert coaching from @flaviaeberhard of @freedivemexico.

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Flavia striking a pose at cenote carwash; beneath the surface, with the jungle above, and the inky darkness of the cavern entrance behind.

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Cenote carwash is such a fantastic underwater playground for freedivers. it was amazing to be able to take some shots of @flaviaeberhard of @freedivemexico there. thanks flavia for booking me to shoot your client! stay tuned for pics of @aonvarisa coming soon.

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It was great to get a chance to shoot the talented @flaviaeberhard of @freedivemexico as she demonstrates some underwater modelling techniques at cenote carwash.

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One more shot of julia diving the beautiful underwater garden at cenote nicte-ha.

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Julia in front of the gorgeous water lillies at cenote nicte-ha.

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Cenote nicte ha (water flower in mayan) is known for it's resplendent water lilies. julia and i had a great time checking out the cavern & cave diving at this beautiful cenote.

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