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Its all in the details 👀🔬. everytime i watch this composition i keep on seeing new stuff!
i made this hyperlapse on windy and cold afternoon last week. between two other work duties i seized the opportunity. my hand where stiff as hell and my eyes where crying once i finished.
was it worth it? i think so.
i’ll put this on my site as soon as possible.
the original footage is in 16:9 landscape. soon available in 5k, 4k and hd. ✅ timelapse.se

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This is an old, classic, day-to-night timelapse, but whats unique is that i shot it with an old fashioned, mechanical shutter release cable for my fabulous rx1r, while only watching the lcd, because there is also no viewfinder.
i would however not recommend the camera for everyday photographers and since it has no internal timelapse function, this is the only way to do timelapses, i only use it when i want to travel lightweight. the small battery and the lack of a viewfinder is also an issue for me.
i know there is a new version and perhaps and third on the way, but this one still has a lot of life in it.
i have been busy with life and work, but i hope to post some more new stuff here soon. my recent venture into the long-term time-lapse business has been good, but the result isn’t always suitable for instagram, so i hope i can step out some more and show some other pretty places from stockholm that i haven’t published already.
meanwhile, if you want to see some of my still images, be sure to check out @naturen to.
thanks for now

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This is a chopped up panoramic timelapse, from a supermall in skåne, called emporia. i've never been inside, but i did spend a nice summer evening outside, waiting on the sun to set.

i think the result is pretty cool.
i was aiming to see how the colors of the four stories parking house turned out. obviously this is 10x the speed of what i captured.
i think this place would have looked just as cool, had it been a cloudy day. perhaps i need to return someday! 📷 @kiljano
✅ more of this at timelapse.se

#timelapse #malmö

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Yesterday i did some hyperlapsing in sölvesborg!
i havent been doing that many of those lately, and now i remember why i love it and also why i hate it :-)
there are so many thing that can mess up a day-to-night hyperlapse.
this one did have some issues, but you wont notice them.
its just so time consuming and the processing also takes alot of energy and hours.
but when you get cool results such as this, its kinda worth it.
📍 sölvesborg, bleking
✅ timelapse.se
on my site you can soon buy this footage and many other clips.

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5:th atempt at uploading this clip with a decent quality.
its from my recent trip to lofoten and bunesbeach.
i’ve struggled lately with my uploads, please let me know if this looks choppy and much compressed.
the settings for this particular video is:
1080x1352 13,5mb. 13mb/s cbr. the thing that i did with this clip in order for it to “work”, was that i added a little bit of one if instagrams filter, like 10%, this seem to have recompressed the video better.
i’ll keep my fingers crossed that this is a solutions that workes.

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I’ve gone through a whole bunch of clips from last year in norrköping.
they are now all available on the site.
this one in particular was tricky. i didnt know what to do with it, the weather was overcast, kind of low on contrast and a little dull, but the water was still to nice not to capture.
i’ve settled on a more mellow mood with the processing and i just flipped the clips back and fourth in this loop.
lately i’ve also been very disappointed when i’ve tried to upload clips to instagram. the compressed quality has been very bad, so for you information, on this particular one the video size is 1080x1280 compressed 12mbps h264. the files size is just 19mb.
i’m keeping my fingers crossed that this time it will look decent.
please check out this account to:

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This is a one hour cable-cam, construction time-lapse, boild down to a few seconds.
i spent the months of january and february preparing and doing many of these kinds of cable cam shoots.
for this client i also rigged up 2 static long-term time-lapse cameras.
will spend the next weeks posting some of the footage from there.
meanwhile in sweden, the days are longer and longer. for timelapse, thats not my cup of tea. in order to capture the day-to-night sequences that i like, i now have to spend 4-6 hours until it gets dark and its not even completely dark. so for the next few months i pobably wont to any more beauty shoots, rather i may post old stuff or footage from my long-term time-lapse venture.

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This is a static day-to-night timelapse that i’ve messed around with.
did i go to far?
shot a few weeks ago in stockholm.
recognize the location?
i wanted to go further into the night but i had stacked to many nd-filters and had to stop at 10 sec. shutter speed.
im not sure either about the grading, it does not looks like stockholm. anyways, the footage i’m putting up on my site will be more true to the captured version.
have a good weekend!
for licensing and contact:
✅ timelapse.se
📷 @kiljano

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Sunrise in norrköping.
looped, retimed, repositioned and messed around with. 🌅🏡.
available for licensing at:
✅ timelapse.se
📷 @kiljano

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Industrilandskapet in norrköping, sweden.
such a treat to spend a few days timelapsing in the area.
i've got a lot of nice footage that i'll put online soon. .
find more like this on my site:
#timelapse #norrköping #sweden

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Classic hyperlapse moves.
📍almedalen, visby, sweden.

the island of gotland is the largest of our islands. its located about 150km east of stockholm in the baltic sea.
the largest city on the island is the beautiful medieval city visby.
this shot is from the almedalen park in visby.
its actually one of my oldest hyperlapses, but i still think its quite good. 🎥.
footage available in 4k
✅ timelapse.se
📷 @kiljano

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Sunrise over the city of sundsvall 🌅.
captured in march this year.
this clip is recomposed, retimed and looped in post from the original 4k video file. .
this and more footage available in 4k, for on demand purchase.
✅ timelapse.se
📷 @kiljano

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