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In march 2018, i was able to visit some beautiful beaches in the north of the arctic circle. this picture is one of my favorites although the sky was not really colourful...

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Shooting dragonflies in the summer is always an adventure. it is not quite easy to find one that has taken place in a photogenic habitat. this time it worked well, what do you think?

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In october 2016, i have been on iceland for the first time. my highlight was jökulsarlon glacier lagoon so i decided to stay there for four days and nights. this afternoon the conditions were absolutey great and i made about 1500 pics. this one was my favorite...

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In february, there was a sudden onset of winter in belgium. challenging in terms of traffic but a gift for every landscape photographer. this evening was the last day of those conditions and the clouds were simply amazing.

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'pasque flowers' are a wonderful motif for creative nature photography. this is one of my favorite pictures from 2017.

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Welcome to the wonderful dolomites! last october, i had the opportunity to stay in these mountains for a few days. it was absolutely fantastic, especially the moment when the clouds met the mountain chain...

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The high fens (belgium) is one of my favorite places for landscape photography. on this evening, i had a quite "dramatic" sky and it was awesome to experience that moment...

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Just a few weeks ago i was shooting at the wonderful beaches in the north of the arctic circle. it feels like yesterday when i take a look at this picture. i am looking forward to be back on lofoten...

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May i introduce, this is the king of berries πŸ˜‰πŸΈ

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Anyway, the diamond beach is a wonderful spot. on this day, it was the first time i saw the beach snow covered. there was high tide and sometimes a huge wave got in the beach...

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To make a long story short: this was one of the most beautiful moments for the last three years with landscape photography. there was absolutey no wind and it was simply magic...

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Bluebirds are wonderful but it is not easy to find them in a manageable photo distance. this day, i made it on the beautiful island of texel, netherlands.

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