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[anzeige/ad] this was one of my favorite places at the algarve in september: a nice view, a soft evening light and the sound of some gulls flying above... do you know those moments?
nikon d850, tamron 15-30, 15mm, iso160, f16, 30sec, gnd 0.9soft, happy face

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[anzeige/ad] while i have a bad cold at the moment, i am thinking of late summer when i saw "them" in the high fens national reserve: the guardians of the galaxy 😉

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One month ago, i had a great photo session at the algarve, portugal. the sky was awesome and the tide perfect for these beautiful coloured stones... this pic was one of my favourits. do you like it?
nikon d850, tamron 15-30, 16mm, iso160, f16, 1/2sec, gnd 0,6 soft

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10k, wow! 🍾
thanks to all of you 🙏
hope i can keep the level - i'll give my best 😉

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[anzeige/ad] what a wonderful morning! in march 2018, i had a few really fine moments in the north...
nikon d850, tamron 15-30, iso64, f16, 1/6sec, gnd 0.9 soft, frozen fingers

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[anzeige/ad] as a passionate surfer, i love waves - with my surfboard and with my camera aswell 😀
nikon d810, nikkor 20mm, iso160, f13, 1/2 sec, gnd 0.9 soft, wet trousers

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[anzeige/ad] it's always fascinating to see the results of a photo taken with a tiny wave and some beams of light, mixed with an exposure of half second... do you like those exposures?
nikon d810, irix 15mm, iso64, f13, 1/2sec, nd8x

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[anzeige/ad] sometimes i like to create blurred pictures. what do you think about it?
nikon d810, sigma 150 os, polarizer, iso400, f3.8, 1/20 sec

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[anzeige/ad] cornwall is a stunning place for seascape photography, and i want to show you one reason why i think so 😉

have you ever been there?

nikon d810, nikkor 20 g, iso64, f16, 1sec, gnd 0,9 soft, nd 8x

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[anzeige/ad] one of my best moments in april 2017 on iceland. i also made a film of this journey, see the link in bio... have a nice week!
nikon d810, nikkor 28 g, iso64, f11, 1/2 sec, gnd 0.9, huuuge tripod (quite stormy...)

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Thinking of summertime in belgium. there were great moments... what was your highlight in summer?
nikon d810, nikkor 20mm, iso64, f11, 25 sec, gnd 0,9 soft, nd64x

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The last beam of light.
seen in wonderful cornwall.
nikon d810, nikkor 20mm, iso160, f16, 30sec, 0,9 gnd

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