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[ad/anzeige] after showing you some frozen rocks in my last picture, today i wanna show you some rocks in warm light from the western algarve. you see some typical portuguese conditions without any clouds. the challenge is always to find your composition before the good-light-time-slot begins because it lasts only five minutes πŸ˜€
nikon d850, tamron 15-30, iso64, f16, 2sec, 19mm, gnd 0.9 soft

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[ad/anzeige] just three weeks ago, i had a stunning atmosphere at 'walchensee'. the rocks were completely frozen and covered with ice ❄
nikon d850, sigma 14-24 art, 14mm, f16, iso80, 1/2sec, gnd 0.9 soft, big smile πŸ˜‰

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[ad/anzeige] in these days, it's quite cold outside ❄, so i warm myself with this memory of a beautiful evening in late summer at the high fens nature reserve... 😊
nikon d810, nikon 24mm/1.8, iso64, f13, 1/3sec, gnd 0.9soft

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Hoping for a snowy winter season in the high fens nature reserve and for tomorrow the forecasts are quite good πŸ™
this picture was taken one year ago. what are you looking for this winter?
nikon d850, tamron 15-30, f11, 1/30sec, iso64

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[ad/anzeige] this was a great morning in october 2018 in the netherlands. the foreground was frozen and the sky was burning...
nikon d850, tamron 15-30, f16, iso64, 1,5 sec, 19mm, gnd 0.9 soft

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[ad/anzeige] it was the first time for me in the north of the arctic circle and i was impressed of the "frozen tide". for a short moment the light was soft and beautiful...
nikon d850, tamron 15-30, iso64, f13, 15mm, 1/8sec, 0.9gnd soft

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[ad/anzeige] welcome to "crystal palace" - the difference of the ice colours is always fascinating when you stand at the beach at jökulsarlon, even on a grey day!
[ad/anzeige] nikon d810, nikon 20/1.8, f13, iso100, 1 sec, 0.9gnd

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[ad/anzeige] fog is always good for landscape photographers, especially in the high fens nature reserve, belgium...
nikon d810, nikon 70-200 f4, 116mm, f16, iso64, 3 sec

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[ad/anzeige] this was one of my highlights in autumn 2018, the world of ferns... what was your highlight?
nikon d850, sigma 24-105 art, iso64, f16, 1/5sec

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[ad/werbung] just remembering this morning at lofoten in march 2018. it was really cold but the light was great...
nikon d850, tamron 15-30, iso64, f11, 0,3 sec, gnd 0.9soft

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[ad/werbung] had some bad times for a couple of weeks, but from now on i want to keep going... sorry for not answering your messages and comments, i will catch up!
starting with a picture of a wonderful morning in bavaria.

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What is better than the silence of nature during a colourful sunset?
nikon d810, nikkor 20/1.8, iso64, f13, 1sec, gnd 0.9 soft

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