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You can fall asleep on me in the ocean anytime you want b**e ❤️ 🐟 also asking for a friend 🙈 how many days is too many to wait before opening our suitcases and accepting our cruise with @royalcaribbean is over?!! 😭🚢✨ #symphonyoftheseas # sponsored

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Don’t be fooled... no gifts have been wrapped because a certain hot chocolate drinking tiny snuck down last christmas and opened everything while we were sleeping and then went back to bed leaving us to wake up in the morning to her...handy work 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ so this year i’m not even bothering 🙈🙈😂🙌🏻 just kidding i’ll wrap them they just aren’t going under the tree until we wake up 😂🙌🏻 actually all our gifts this year are from @blurbbooks and i am super excited about it! homemade photo books are my thing and these were so fun to make! it is too late for shipping in time for the holidays but i have blogged some last minute stress free gift suggestions if you want to check them out 😘✨✨ # ad #blurbbooks #blurbbestgift

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The many faces of ophelia on the carousel. 🦄✨also to the lady who dm’d me to inform me i am a horrible parent for capturing these moments via photo and video i guess all i can say is if spending 8 days with @royalcaribbean exploring st. martin, puerto rico, and haiti and capturing glances of these moments to look back on someday is wrong... then i’m going to be very wrong for the rest of my life because these babies are growing fast and i want to remember every sand covered, ocean filled magical moment. 🤷‍♀️😘 #symphonyoftheseas # sponsored

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feeling all the aframe coziness today because we’ve teamed up with @tribeandtrue to giveaway one of their amazing blankets! (you can pick.. in stock only) and just for fun i will throw in a mug (it will be a surprise) so that you have all the coziest vibes! to enter: ⭐️like this photo ⭐️follow myself and @tribeandtrue ⭐️tag a few friends (one per comment please) more friends = more entries! done ❤️ *for 10 bonus entries like the last 3 photos on both our pages 😘 *runs 72 hours and is not sponsored or endorsed by instagram.

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Because someday i want them to recreate these photos.. awkward snuggles and all. 😭❤️ we spent today wandering around st. maarten with @royalcaribbean and it was magical... beaches, sand, iguanas, gelato... and now two passed out babies snuggled up next to me so a total win right?! ❤️ tomorrow we are headed to puerto rico, suggestions welcome 🙏🙌🏻 #symphonyoftheseas #royalcaribbean #sponsored

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“mama my mermaid friends probably will come and swim with me and phia will be really so sad and miss me but you will hold her hand okay?” 🧜‍♀️😭🙌🏻✨ day 3 on board #symphonyoftheseas with @royalcaribbean and i don’t think we ever want to go home. ❤️ #royalcaribbean #sponsored
ps. i’m secretly hoping her mermaid friends will come find her and swim with her.. like really 😭😭🙌🏻

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The face you make when it’s 15 degrees out and snowing and you’d rather be in miami with a smoothie in hand cruising in the caribbean 🚢 ☀️ lucky for ophelia we are spending the next week exploring #symphonyoftheseas with @royalcaribbean 😱🙌🏻 we are all kinds of freaking out and didn’t pack a single winter hat so umm this is going to be so so so good!!! 🙌🏻☀️🌴🐠❤️#sponsored #royalcaribbean

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Currently wrapping all the 🎁 because somehow moving i lost all our christmas decorations so wrapped gifts and twinkle lights are our it this year 🙈 #momfail also did my christmas shopping early thanks to @blurbbooks 🙌🏻 this year our family is getting homemade books from us and i am so excited! not only is it a great way to preserve memories but a way to share them with family that does not live close by ❤️ if you want to learn more i blogged about it (so if you are related to me don’t read it 😜) also tomorrow 12/1 is the last day to ship in time for christmas so if you are thinking this looks cool go check it out now 😘✨✨ # ad #blurbbooks #blurbbestgift

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I know what your thinking... why isn’t sadie wearing red pajamas like the girls but i mean two out of three isn’t bad right? 🙌🏻 #sponsored honestly it took bribery through @nutrish food just to get her to not just be a crazy blur in the background 😂 which i mean is totally acceptable because they give back to help animals in need and their food is made with quality ingredients! now if only @nutrish could tell me where to get little red pajamas for sadie i’d be totally set 🙌🏻😂❤️ #nutrishpets

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we literally flew back into the snow last night and leave tomorrow for somewhere much warmer 🙈😂 so i thought it would be fun to do a little cozy weather giveaway with @kusikusi.knitwear and @beachwoodbaby ❤️ the prizes are a sweater from @kusikusi.knitwear which if you haven’t see their shop yet they have sweaters for women’s and kids and jessamyn and i even have matching ones 🙊 also a ring sling from @beachwoodbaby because everything they make is the loveliest ❤️ closed✨ like this photo ❄️ follow myself @beachwoodbaby and @kusikusi.knitwear 🌨tage a few friends ( one per comment please) more friends = more entries)
done ⭐️ * bonus 10 entries like the last 3 photos on all 3 of our accounts 😘 *this is not sponsored or endorsed by instagram and giveaway closes on december 1st at 10pm mst.

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Just living her best life in a ducky swimsuit and shades 😂🎄❤️ but seriously what do you wear when you are staying in the santa suite but hanging by the pool all day?!!! 🤷‍♀️❤️ @fairmontscotsdl #fairmontmoments #attheprincess #feelwelcome
ps. swipe to see her 😎

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Because somewhere right now someone is drinking hot chocolate and watching the snow fall (preferably while starring at an aframe ðŸ˜‚🙌🏻) â˜•ï¸â„️✨ or at least that is what i am telling my myself ðŸ™ŒðŸ»my watch is new and is from @danielwellington i’ve actually never worn a watch much before now ðŸ™Š but really love this one like a lot! you can use code littlewandering for 15% off their website in addition to their holiday offers which is an additional 10% off when you buy 2 or more products! #danielwellington# #ad #dwforeveryone

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