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I was lucky enough to catch the opening day of the outdoor area of @thecommonwpg last weekend! what an awesome concept - i wish we had something like this in calgary. i tried the great white north belgian wheat ale from @farmerybrewery, which is located in neepawa, manitoba where my friend’s husband actually goes to work! (winnipeg, manitoba — may 2019)

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How to have the worst day ever, in 8 easy steps: 1. go to winnipeg for excellent long weekend 2. wait an hour to get your suitcase after the flight home lands 3. get in a fight with your boyfriend because he bought yet another piece of expensive gaming equipment while you were away 4. be unsure if your dog’s stitches from her surgery are infected and go over to your parents’ house to ask your mom (outcome: stitches look fine and you are a hypochondriac) 5. when getting in car to go to parents’ house, notice the entire floor of your vehicle is flooded with water, for no apparent reason 6. go check on the place you are house sitting and find the basement is flooded due to a neighbour’s pipe bursting 7. have to wait at the house for an hour and a hour for their neighbours to come home to turn the water off and then try and organize a phone call between the homeowners 8. finally get back home, do laundry, do dishes, and get ready to wake up at 5am for work tomorrow because no one will cover your shift ✌🏼 (winnipeg, manitoba — may 2019)

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New post is up on the blog! click the link in my bio to read my 7 reasons to get early (and i mean really early...). one of the reasons is to see the sunrise, like this one i caught at my cottage a few years ago! (dyer’s bay, ontario — september 2017)

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Life isn’t all bad these days 😊 with this as my “backyard”, a saturday off with the boyfriend and high motivation to get things done for once, things are feeling better than alright. (calgary, alberta — march 2019)

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I’m two completely different people on days i work 😡☹️😫😴 and days i don’t work 😁. (calgary, alberta — march 2019)

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“i’m tired of being tired of being around people” — r.h. sin (calgary, alberta — march 2019)

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“i don’t fear commitment. i fear wasting my time.” (calgary, alberta — march 2019)

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Picnic anyone? 🐜 (calgary, alberta — march 2019)

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Today: coffee, dog walks, workin’ on that job hunt, writing 🙌🏼 (calgary, alberta — march 2019)

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I’m always saying to jordan, “i wish i lived in toronto so we could be real friends”, and she always replies “but we are real friends, elle!” either way, i could not be prouder of this girl for publishing her first book! i’ve been a fan of a jordan’s writing for over five years now, and i was so excited to get my hands on this book. it’s hilarious, honest, heartwarming, hopeful and relatable. outside of being a writer, she’s got a ton of other kickass projects and jobs on the go (best juggler i know 😉), and her go get ‘em attitude is so inspiring. pick up a copy of korkscrewed, and keep your eyes out for her second book! 👀 (calgary, alberta — march 2019)

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I got some disappointing career news this morning, but c’est la vie right? besides, i don’t really know where my life is at right now, so it’s probably for the best that i just stay at the job i currently have until i figure that out. your mind has to change before your life does. (banff, alberta — march 2019)

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I’d love to be back in the mountains drinking beers + laughing hysterically + falling down a ski hill rather than be at work today 🏔 (banff, alberta — march 2019)

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