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Coming back to work after #tcsecretgarden has closed... #yyc #yyctheatre #yycarts #thesecretgarden

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The garden gates close today with two final shows of the secret garden! 🌻🌷🌹 thank you for celebrating our 50th anniversary season with us #yyc, we couldn't be happier to have you as an audience. #yyctheatre #yycarts #secretgarden #tc50

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Running straight into the long weekend like... 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️ #fbf #readysetgo #yyc #yyctheatre #yycarts #longweekend

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We've had many artists over the years presented with the prestigious white hat, and last night we finally got our own!
thank so much tourism calgary for the honour of the legacy award. #whitehatyyc #yyc #yyctheatre #yycarts #legacyaward

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Nobody has mastered the side-eye quite like appa. 👀

remember that time in 2013 when we had a little production called kim's convenience on stage? #tbt #yyc #yyctheatre #yycarts #kimsconvenience #okseeyou

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Thanks theatre calgary for having me on this instagram takeover! i’ll leave you with this sweet photo of our music director don horsburg and one of our student matinee guests. she wanted to know what the stage management telephone beside don was and he told her he calls his mom before every show!

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Almost there! waiting for my entrance to the last duet with archie. @laurabrandtsoprano

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The view from lily’s swing at the top of act ii.
#tcsecretgarden #dontlookdown

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It’s always good to know your source material- a dramatic reading from the secret garden-the novel by our own ben weatherstaff @dougmckeag any guesses on what scene this is?

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Did you know jillian hannah @jilldog_15 has three different characters to play? 1)dreamer 2)nurse 3)mrs shelly—and thanks to the costumes by @corysincennesdesign she looks completely different for each!
#threelooks #tcsecretgarden #how couldieverknowwhosheis

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Five minutes until the top of act 1! my lovely dressing room colleagues @allisonlynchmusic @m_dionisio1977 @laurabrandtsoprano

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Arrive to my dressing room to find it’s christmas! our sweet wonderful dresser mollie @meliza1192 left a handmade dino tail for elliot and my own perplexus game which i’ve been obsessed with playing backstage. #perplexus #overwhelmedwithgratitude @laurabrandtsoprano

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