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I had the best time working on this project!! there were lots of long nights, but by the grace, we made it happen! @mooselovesu is truly one of the sweetest people ever. she has taught me so many things throughout this journey and is truly the definition of “all of us can eat”🖤🖤
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Y’all do me a huge favor and tag @lizzobeeating please
-this project is about being confident in yourself and raising your self-esteem! it doesn’t matter what color you are, your size, your height... whatever, we all possess the qualities of being independent, sexy, and fearless! don’t let fear and comfortability stop you from being the best you that you can be!
i teamed up with my amazing sis @mooselovesu which as you may know already, as a dope make up artist, but sis can slayyyyyy a dance floor as well!!!
-i know you want to see the full video, butttttt it’s too long for instagram😉, which means we have some more surprises in store! click the link in my bio now😘😘

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There’s nothing like 2 queens coming together to produce magic😍 ...
we have no reason to be jealous, envious, or negative towards anyone. it’s all about love, self confidence, and raising our self esteem each and every day!!! - our video is dropping tomorrow, january 10, 2019, on youtube‼️
- subscribe to our channels, so you don’t miss this 🔥🔥🔥 we’re about to bring:
- moose’s youtube: mooselovesu
- taty’s youtube: tatyana ke’ausha
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And i’m gonna keep him waiting...💍
we often feel compelled to want a more physical connection, rather than emotional, mental, and spiritual. maybe it’s out of fear... because as we all may know, heartbreak is hard and even torture. however, i’m learning to open up more and to slowly heal the wound. yes it’s scary, but at the end of the day we have to have more than each other’s bodies... we deserve more!
make somebody fall in love with your mind, heart, and soul and then move forward😝! if you feel he/she is worthy of your body, do you boo, but if you don’t, don’t feel compelled to rush into something, just to say, “i got a bae.” “play bae” can miss you with that bs, while you grind and work on you! just know that you are everything and can give more than just good sex❤️

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The type you want to take to your mama house...

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It’s here and out!!! click the link in my bio please😘😘😘 #forthehowardwoman #forthehowardwomanfilm #tatyanakeausha -
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Merrrry christmas to all!!! this project is the most amazing christmas gift that i could ask for🙏🏽... #forthehowardwoman premieres today!!!
- go and check out the full interview! #forthehowardwomanfilm is alll about redefining beauty of not only the howard woman, or the black woman... but women as a collective!!! huge thanks to my writer and director @realnamelysious for such creative freedom and inspiration🙏🏽🙏🏽 -
- i can’t wait for y’all to see this film...🖤
i’m dropping the link later on today👀👀👀 #tatyanakeausha

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