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It’s nice to try something different from time to time, just to- feel different; experience something different— working on that arm rotation 💪😬. swipe right to see the struggles !! 😆🙏 #dancerpose #natrajasana #yoga 💜

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‘no one has the power to shatter your dreams unless you give it to them.’ ~ maeve greyson 💫. ever met that person who was always ready to knock down any idea you had- or tell you how you’re not smart enough or you would fail at whatever it was ? remember listening to that person and giving up ? well, we’ve all made mistakes- choose your circle wisely, we see things differently and we all want different things- don’t stop to go after what you want; no one else’s opinion matters- it’s just their opinion 👊🙌. sorry this got too long 😽 little down dog to dolphin to plank action 😆🐬. #inspirationalquotes #wordsofwisdom #chooseyourcirclewisely #nevergiveup #downdog #adhomukhasvanasana #dolphinpose #ardhapinchamayurasana #plank #kumbhakasana

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Not one with the longest hamstrings in the world but we won’t give up!! we often forget to be soft, approach life with softness- it’s a mad rush to get somewhere or make progress etc in today’s world, so take the time to be soft where you can 🌸 swipe to see more #approachwithsoftness #norush #enjoyyoga #vasisthasana #ekapadavasisthasana #sideplank

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I don’t feel as strong as i did before the summer but oh well it comes and goes like everything else- what i’ve lost in strength, perhaps i gained elsewhere ? that’s what they say anyway right! 😆swipe right to see the whole thing ! #crowpose #bakasana #yogastuff #yogafun

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This was towards the end of my practice- swipe right to see how i got there and what happened on the way!! hair getting stuck under the hand, almost collapsing while moving my hand closer- lol but got somewhere any how 🤣🤣🤙. #haveasenseofhumour #laughalittle #wellgetthereintheend #yoga #urdhvadhanurasana #variation #happyyogi

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Find your centre and all will fall into place ! happy wednesday !! #findyourcentre #grounding #yoga #yogalife #lovelife 💜

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‘the human body is the best picture of the human soul.’ ~ ludwig wittgenstein. 🌸. choose to express yourself; express your soul- through movement, love and expression- whatever that may mean to you 🙏 #movement #inspirationalquotes #expression #soul #nostraightlinesinyoga

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Haven’t been having the best practice lately tbh other than lots of ‘stretching’ 😬 so here’s a snippet from last week 🤷‍♀️ ps i promise the halloween decor is down !! 👻🎃🚫 #backbending #backbends #yogapractice #yoga #yogaiseverything #comeback 🤣

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Why do we do things because it is expected of us; when in reality we know those who we do it for don’t really give a hoot, much like the people in the background of this photo, people generally carry on whether or not you’re there 😬🤣 #dontdoitforothers #caringsucks #beyourself #expectations #aometimeslifesucksthelifeoutofyou

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Be proud of yourself regardless of how ‘far’ you’ve come- we must remember to appreciate the ‘in-between.’ this- feels like i’m on a magic carpet! 🤣🤣🧞‍♂️ #lotus #floatinglotus #lotuspose #variation #magiccarpet #happy #proud #yogaeverydamnday

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“i thought the most beautiful thing in the world must be a shadow”~ sylvia plath. ✨. then why would she be afraid to live in the shadows— for a shadow is cast only by the existence of light— and when she becomes the light you will see she was always the light 🌈#livingintheshadows #inspirationalquotes #sylviaplath #norush #norushforlife #love #selflove 💜

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