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Today bup first year student abrar was killed by bus accident at bashundhara gate.
students are protesting here right now.
#wewantjustice #bup #bangladesh #dhaka #tahiafarhin #tahiafarhinhaque #protest #journalism #studentprotest @snap_sg #justiceforabrar

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Please educate yourself on islam dear senator.
how does this person still have his chair?

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Dhaka university students are on hunger strike for re-election of ducsu election. "there is no way other than our death, they want our dead bodies" - shrobona shafique dipti ( one of the protesters -on the left)

14th march 2019
dhaka university "আমাদের মৃত্যু ছাড়া কোন উপায় নেই, তারা আমাদের লাশ চায়" - @shrobona_shafique_dipti
ডাকসুর পুননির্বাচনের দাবীতে অনশনরত শিক্ষার্থী
১৪ মার্ঢ ২০১৯ ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়
ঢাকা, বাংলাদেশ ।
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Arundhati roy at chobimela. “the only dream worth having is to dream that you will live while you are alive, and die only when you are dead. to love, to be loved. to never forget your own insignificance. to never get used to the unspeakable violence and v****r disparity of the life around you. to seek joy in the saddest places. to pursue beauty to its lair. to never simplify what is complicated or complicate what is simple. to respect strength, never power. above all to watch. to try and understand. to never look away. and never, never to forget.” ― arundhati roy ( one of my favorite quote from her)
#cmx #cmx2019 #chobimela #chobimelax #arundhatiroy #artistsunite

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While they were getting ready

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Panel discussion that i was part of : what it means to be a woman photographer in bangladesh, along with @jannatulmawa, @salmaabedin prithi and gitiara nasreen.
at the occasion of counterfoto 6th year anniversary.

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My exhibition at aperture gallery, this is a dream come true as i love aperture and to be associated with them for the new vanguard prize by document journal is truly an honour. i won the reportage award in the new vanguard prize judged by curators from moma, brooklyn museum, aperture and many other prestigious platforms. my work is there along with 24 other talented photographers from all over the world. thank you everyone for all the love and support, i really appreciate it.
photo : @griff_lipson

the jury consisted of
nick vogelson editor-in-chief, document
sarah richardson, fashion director, document
roxana marcoci, senior curator of photography, moma
willy vanderperre, photographer
olivier rizzo, stylist and contributing fashion editor, document
michael famighetti, editor, aperture
lorna simpson, artist
mario sorrenti, photographer
christopher michael, chief creative officer, ford models
doug lloyd, founder and creative director, lloyd&co.
candice marks, vice president, art partner
drew sawyer, curator of photography, the brooklyn museum
peter fitzpatrick, founder and ceo, swipecast @documentjournal and @calvinklein, with support from @fordmodels and @aperturefnd, powered by @swipecast, and with imaging by urban studios.
#documentjournal#thenewvanguard2018 #calvinklein #fordmodels #aperturefoundation #swipecast #urbanstudios @nickvogelson @smrichardson1 @mario_sorrenti @roxanamarcoci @willyvanderperre @chrimichael @michaelfamighetti @lornasimpson @candicesammarks @drewmsawyer @petergfitzpatrick
p.s the exhibition was happening from
october 17–23, 2018 but i was involved with exams so i forgot to post about it.

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I didn't even post 100 photos this year
wow, next year gonna buckle up and be more active.
thank you everyone

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