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Susan Blanda Creative photographer, curator, artist, and writer who loves to connect with creative people. Click the link to check out my Mobiography interview. http://bit.ly/2E0kV2Z
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There is magic in the air as i sit near the water and watch the silent acrobats dance along the high wire. they take their place in rhythm, playful and precise—as if to celebrate the thread that connects them to life and love. #whpblackandwhite

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After a day like today, there’s no turning back. this ain’t his first rodeo.

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You were in my dreams last night. your beautiful heart still shines bright.

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“sometimes we walk alone. and sometimes our days are cloudy. but when we find the light within, we can navigate through any storm.” - @susanblanda

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These flowers are in memory of my beautiful mother catherine. who lived only 34 years but left a legacy of love for her 5 children.

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He took to the waves and cut through the water with wild abandon. and watching him gave me the feeling of a bird in flight—a powerful feeling of grace and glory.

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As she jumped on her board and hit the water, the pacific was there to greet her. she quickly paddled to her favorite spot and settled in among the other hopefuls. and, she danced among the waves all the live-long day...’til the sun took its final bow.

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“there is an undefinable energy within the waters of the pacific. she calls to your spirit and rocks you gently in her caress. and when you leave her, you count the days until you return.” @susanblanda

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“this black beauty flew overhead with the grace of an angel, in silent prayer. her presence was a welcoming call, reminding me to heed the yearnings of my soul.” - @susanblanda

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We stood on the overlook, and watched the tiny sails glide through the moonlight. it was as if time stood still in that moment, and we caught a glimpse of eternity.

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Into you eyes, into your arms, into your heart ...i surrender to this moment. #whpwithlove

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Sometimes it’s our willingness to embrace the thorny things in life that brings in the light. (monochrome).

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The boy, at #sunrise. he makes sweet #music with his soft footsteps and waits for the rest of us to rise and #shine.

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The mystical #bloodmoon that did its #magic last night, snuck into my #dreams. she was warm and welcoming and told me tales of #wonder until dawn.

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Good #friends and loving people are the bright lights that illuminate our days. they are the daily #gifts that only #gratitude will open.

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In the arms of love

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And along the trail, we came upon this gentle soul. standing alone—with so many stories to tell.

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Standing in her presence, i find peace

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For me, fashion is a bit abstract. i’m a jeans and tee girl who cherishes her iphone as her most fashionable accessory. #whpmystyle

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Sometimes it’s all about the conversation...

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