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One of my favourite things to do is finding shapes and discerning patterns in skies, hillsides and just about everywhere. i found the shape of a cloud on this wall. is it just me though?

reminiscing about this sunny day, while anxiety drives me crazy because of my upcoming travel. somehow editing pictures makes me think about the acche din coming ahead once i reach (wink, wink) and not worry about the journey.

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When in doubt, watch a sunset.

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A magical day in ladakh.

while the beauty of ladakh's landscape is undeniable, my happiest memories of ladakh are of the people i’ve met – the gleeful giggles of children as they showed me around their village, the solemn gaze of the village elder that unravels into a heartfelt smile, the young boy who held my hand as i offered to walk him to his school bus, the invites to teach them english, shy hesitation mingling with intrigue behind colourful veils and the friendly julley's.
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"never look directly at the sun. instead, look at the sunflower."

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"i read that there are things inside us too tiny to see. not even a microscope can capture them. this got me thinking--if there are things inside us too tiny to see, might there be things outside us too big to believe?

can you spot the tiny car in the distance?

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Habarana - wildlife in layers.

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To the oasis.

memories from a fun trip with @clikaholic around rajasthan.

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Love notes from the innocent. can you spot the pen in the picture?

i spent a morning with these girls and we bonded over english, my curiosity about their lives, their innocence and my general nonsense. these girls were so proud of their english (as they should be), that by the end of our conversation i asked them to write down their names for me. the next thing i see is this huddle of hijabs, giggles and whispers, some pen snatching and these girls handing the notepad back to me with a look that conveyed pride, mischief and joy. swipe to see their sweet note. little wonder this is one of my favourite moments, ever, from my travels.
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A lucky catch (pun intended) during a hazy morning in trincomalee.

sri lanka, 2016

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