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Pa-in-law in the evening light.

we have a love-hate relationship, this man and i. i do not like being told what to do and that is the one thing he constantly does. thereby making it inevitable that we are at loggerheads, as we have often been.

then a couple of days go by and i comment loudly about the current affairs while he is in the vicinity and he recognizes my comment for what it is, an effort to bring the scale back to zero, the square back to one. and for a few moments everyone revels in the calm - before the next storm rolls in.

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An unedited, unfiltered shot from an upcoming collection at @uktieveryday. we've been photographing non-models in our clothes, we never photoshop and there's barely any makeup or styling involved. and while these photos are nothing great (photography-wise), i love that this is our subtle way of showing the middle finger to unreal beauty standards.


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"lace up my shoes please, i can see the weekend coming." - a gym teacher ties the laces of one of his young students in havana -

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Purushi sings her heart out with the members of the @urbanfolkproject .

the @aravaniartproject and the @urbanfolkproject teamed together to help purushi make her presence felt and engage with members of her local community using the stories of goddess yellamma. this was a creative, thoughtful way of interacting with the larger local community, many of whom may not have seen purushi transition and understand the difficulties she has faced in finding acceptance.

one of my favourite parts of the evening was seeing purushi's cheer squad of friends have her back. art, friends and community - that's as good a start as any to finding acceptance among the larger society.

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A couple of #50mm shots from a super relaxed shoot i did a while back for @uktieveryday with the fabulous @aienlanu

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Purushi, a transgender woman, owning her identity, claiming her space & sharing stories at a procession in her locality, enabled by the @aravaniartproject .

i was grateful to be a part of this event, albeit in a very small way, documenting her journey from the temple to her home. i'll share the details of the procession and the symbolism in a detailed post soon.


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Mere gully mein.

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Still walking through cuban lanes in my head. these visual recollections, they may tell you a little about how i see the world, finding beauty in the mundane everyday.

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"cuban eyes often look close to tears. tears never seem far away because both their pain and their joy are always so close to the surface."

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Another one from the cuban archives.

we went driving around cuba without a local sim (mobile sims and internet were notoriously difficult to get access to). there was no google maps to rely on, but the kindness of strangers, our curiosity and the joy of exploring this fascinating country together were enough to find our way around.
also, our cards were blocked (american cards are not accepted in cuba) and suddenly we found ourselves with $70 and 10 days to go. we ate at the cheapest restaurants we could find, didn't tip and walked everywhere. thankfully we'd paid for our bnb's. the vintage car we'd booked for sightseeing was instead used to visit the banks, indian embassy and the cuban financial security offices. only a day before we were to start our road trip around the rest of cuba, our card access was restored and we could eat a proper meal without counting pennies. cuba truly was an adventure bar none.

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Walking around havana vieja, the neighbourhood of nostalgia.
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Day care center in havana, one of our favourite cities to walk around in. every street, every corner abound with unfamiliar sights and scenes reminiscent of our childhood.

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