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I can’t wait for summer break to start ☁️💞 do you have a kånken, and what color is it?

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Happy national stationery day! what’s your favorite stationery item? is it muji pens, mildliners or a classic moleskin journal? 🌸💛

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Sending u productive vibes thru the screen 🌸💓 just posted a new video, “my everyday makeup” with my bff! send it some love❣️

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My new video, “how i stay productive & focused” is live on my channel! 🌸💞i cant believe there’s only ~2 more months of school left till summer! let’s make these next few weeks the best❣️

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Do you have muji pens? 🌸💞 also stream bts’ and halsey’s new song, “boy with luv,” for good luck❣️

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One of my favorite things to do when i’m finished with my school work is to draw in my bullet journal while watching a show! i’m currently binging “the chilling adventures of sabrina,” it’s such a good series. what shows are you watching? 🌸💫✨

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Turtleneck thursday’s 🐢🌳what time do you get up for classes? for winter quarter, my earliest classes are 8 am’s so i have to get up at 7 if i want to even get ready. but for the past two days i’ve been getting up at 7:50 and running out the door with my pj’s on and without any makeup on. ughhh sleep or looking presentable?

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Changing up my setup for spring quarter 🎨 what time is it, in your country/city? 🌳🌵

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⭐️ a few of my favorite things ⭐️ i’ve been sick for the past few days, so i won’t be able to post new videos until i get better. sorry, i know i promised i would post every week, but just know that i have so much video content for you very soon 💕✨

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Muji pen color wheel 🍭💕 i need to get new pens, all my old ones are running out.... or i end up losing them

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Spring break 🌸☁️ i hope everyone is enjoying their time off from school! i know my spring breaks during high school were extremely packed with homework assignments and projects, which s****d but just make sure to give some time to yourself ♡ love u guys

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🌲🌿in the forest🌳🌵 ask me some questions, i’m filming a get ready with me ✨🌱

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