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#watchjuneeat baked pork chop rice is my go to order at any cha chaan teng (hk style cafe). i decided to make my own using groceries from @milkandeggscom !
for my 3rd #stirandgive this holiday, i’m giving away two $50 milk and eggs gift cards for you to order groceries straight to your door (available in la and oc). to enter:
1) follow @stirandstyle & @milkandeggscom
2) tag 2 friends and tell me what you want to cook (thoughtful answers are a bonus)
enter multiple times by tagging different friends. i’ll choose the winners on 12/14! (your profile must be public to win, so i can check if you’ve followed the rules 👍🏼)
📹: @dantransform

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#watchjuneeat big fish!!! my mom’s dream has always been to go on a vacation where she just shows up. as a mom, she was always planning every single one of our vacations growing up- from the flights to hotels to all the activities. @dantransform and i wanted to make that dream come true and took my parents to vietnam. dan planned every step of this trip with such love and consideration for what my parents would like to do and what would make them happy. i’m so blessed to be married to a man who not only loves me, but loves my family. #stirandtravelvietnam #stirandtravel 📹: @dantransform

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#watchjuneeat i love cantonese breakfast because it involves noodles and dumplings first thing in the morning!! also, i meant to say turnip cake...turnip for whaaaaat?! i’ll see myself out.
#stirandtravelhongkong #stirandtravel

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When @dantransform and i did our photoshoot with @sweet.escape in hong kong, my adorable parents wanted to tag along...to photobomb us!! this actually turned out to be my favorite photo from our shoot 🤣.
✨my second #stirandgive this month is for a free 1 hour photo session with @sweet.escape ! their new 1 hr session is what we did and they have photographers all over the world. to enter:
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enter multiple times by tagging new friends! i’ll choose the winner on 12/7. if you can’t wait, feel free to use my code stirandstyle for $50 off + 30 extra photos!
#stirandstylehongkong #stirandstyle

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#watchjuneeat bánh mì ốp la is a traditional vietnamese breakfast consisting of a mini pan of fried eggs, spam, ham, and fried tofu served with an entire warm crusty french baguette with pate and butter on the side 🤤- one of my favorite experiences in vietnam.
true story: the stool was so tiny and i was so excited that one of the stool’s legs started to bend under me and i fell onto the ground in slow motion (not caught on camera). dan watched on excitedly from across the table as i was flailing my arms...thanks, babe! after i brushed myself off, i asked him why he didn’t help me and he said “i was just processing it and wanted to see what would happen 😏.” i quickly forgave him as he led us to this delicious spot! #stirandtravelvietnam #stirandtravel 📹: @dantransform
thank you for the recommendation, @migrationology!

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#watchjuneeat we are 300k strong today and grateful doesn’t begin to describe how i feel about each one of you. this season of giving is my favorite time of year and as a small token of my appreciation i’m so excited to kickoff this holiday season’s #stirandgive (a month of giveaways) to thank you for the endless love and support you guys have given me.
the first giveaway is a month's supply of @mikesmightygood 🍜!! to enter:
1) follow @stirandstyle and @mikesmightygood
2) tag 2 noodle loving friends and comment why you love noodles
(multiple entries allowed as long as you tag different people)
i'll choose the winner on 12/7!
✨my life is fuller and brighter because of every one of you. thank you for the opportunity to share my story and passions with you!✨

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#watchjuneeat grilled pork with vermicelli in vietnam! i prefer my vermicelli swimming in fish sauce 🤤. dan and i spent hours talking with my parents at this dinner 🥰. one of the best parts of being married is that i get to share my amazing parents with dan. we will forever cherish this trip taking my parents to vietnam!
p.s. that’s a wet nap in my overalls pocket that i was carrying around with me in case food got messy 😅
#stirandtravelvietnam #stirandtravel 📹: @dantransform

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✨i will gladly give you all my days✨
i’m so happy to share our wedding video teaser with you (full teaser in bio)! no words can quite describe how perfectly this reflects not just our wedding day, but our emotions, excitement, and love.
before our wedding, @dantransform and i had the privilege of getting to know our videographers, rachel and abe from @memocofilms , and quickly became friends. their vision, talent, and genuine passion are truly gifts from god and we are blessed to have them capture our love so perfectly. even this song “end of time” by @johnnystimson is perfection is now our new favorite song. thank you for making our magical day last forever! can’t wait to see the full version!! #dansquanandonly #stirandstyledowntheaisle

📹: @memocofilms
dress: @idancohenofficial
tux: @theblacktux
lighting: @theluxproductions
hair: @natalierosebbl
make up: @levalleybeauty
planner: @tickled_events

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Have you ever had a fresh steaming hot roasted sweet potato off a cart on the side of the road in hong kong? if not, you need it!! 🍠
@dantransform and i were going to be dressed up for our wedding banquet in hong kong anyways, so we decided to do a quick 1 hour shoot before. dan is finally a believer in vacation photoshoots after our experience in rome 🥰. it’s the perfect way to capture memories from your vacation without feeling pressure to ask random strangers to take your photo while praying they don’t run off with your phone. we shot with jeffrey at @sweet.escape and grabbed one of my favorite snacks along the way!
@sweet.escape can shoot for you anywhere in the world, so feel free to use my code stirandstyle for $50 off + 30 extra photos! #stirandtravelhongkong #stirandtravel #dansquanandonly #stirandstyledowntheaisle

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#watchjuneeat so many of you recommended this spot in vietnam- thank you for leading me to the best banh mi i’ve ever had! @dantransform and i each ate an entire sandwich for our second dinner 🤤. they made each sandwich in literally 30 seconds! #stirandtravelvietnam #stirandtravel 📹: @dantransform

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Happy thanksgiving, everyone!!! there’s so much to be thankful for this year including god, family, friends, furbabies, work, travel, and each one of you. one thing i’m especially thankful for this year is marrying my best friend @dantransform under my parents’ beautiful willow tree surrounded by the love of our closest family and friends. my heart is forever full. remember to count your blessings today and everyday! 🙏🏼 #dansoneandonly #stirandstyledowntheaisle 📷: @myonelove

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#watchjuneeat dan and i had the incredible opportunity to fly on @hkairlines from hkg > lax on business class (a first for us)! we think that traveling is already a blessing, so the thought of flying anything other than economy is 💯 a treat for us and something we feel so blessed to experience together. i’ll never take these moments for granted and will never pretend to you guys that this is a life we are accustomed to or that we always travel this way. this flight is something we are truly thankful for and we enjoyed every moment- even tried to stay awake for the whole 12 hours to soak it all in 😍. we started at the club autus lounge at hkg right near our gate where there was so much yummy food. i grew up eating instant noodles like this with some meat and veggies, so this meal brings me back to my childhood. i’ll be sharing more about the food onboard @hkairlines in upcoming posts and a youtube vlog! #stirandstylehongkong #stirandtravel 📹: @dantransform (thanks for the zoom, b**e 🤣)

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