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Another great american to follow is a friend of mine @joetacticalfitness he’s an air force vet, and recently retired from maricopa county sheriffs office where he served as a lt in the swat division. he’s a solid dude and i’m glad to have worked with him over the years 🤙💋

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Banging a @defensetargets noner target at 300yds. @defensetargets makes some great stuff. remember if your targets are not a royal pain the the a*s to hit, get smaller ones or double the distance. was trying to get the round out and the next one in the chamber and back on trigger while the round is in flight. 4/5 #vortexoptics

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These bath products are outfuckingstanding! @dukecannon

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Time to head home for the weekend!

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Love this place and the folks who make it shine. a true testament to hard work and dedication! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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If you’re an eligible @nationalrifleassociation voting member, please take the time to hit the link in my bio and sign my petition. i need your support to get on the ballot for next years nra board of directors election. it only takes 50 seconds! i need you to do this asap! if you have done so already, thanks! #reichert2019 #reichertfornra2019 #stevereichert03xx #nra #nationalrifleassociation

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Always a good day on the range with mrad’s :)

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It’s a 300wm morning

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My g20, top done by @innovativegfsolutions , kkm barrel and frame done by @tacticaltexture , very accurate 10mm #bearrepellant #10mm #g20

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Thanks to @senblumenthal i was able to go online and download the exact file needed to 3d print my very own ghost gun 👻! i couldn’t find the files for the ghost stock, ghost forward grip, ghost pmag, ghost flash hider....other than those it’s completely undetectable, just like the senator said it would be! #ghostgun #blumanthaltheater

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Hey folks, if you don’t mind head on over to @senblumenthal page and ask him (on any of his pics), how these ghost guns are “undetectable”. the only people who believe his lies don’t know any better- educate the idiots

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Great people(s) :)

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