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Yet these little spoiled brats call us fascists. it would help if they looked up the definition of “fascist”, then they would see that it’s they who are pushing fascism

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He’s right

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Sexy legs on this bird. like boats, the only thing better than owning one is having friends who own them... and don’t hit you up for ⛽️

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Close enough to full auto friday for me! #hkump #hkmp5a3

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So a friend of mine was writing how much he loves not having kids and looks forward to not having more....then posts this....i about spit coke out of my nose (liquid not powder). i don’t agree with him but he always has a way with words and matching memes

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The fbi leadership is as f****d up as a football bat.

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@sebastian_gorka book is out! i had the great pleasure of attending his book release last night, a great group of people! while so many of our politicians are trying to win battles while being politically correct, dr gorka comes in like a bull in a china shop and shows you why it’s better to take a different approach 🤙link to the book is in my ig bio #commiessuck #hillaryforprison #deepstate #hillaryisacommiewhore #maga

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A sad day in nc today, rip trooper, thanks for all you have done for those you helped and supported over the years.

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Like most of you, i have a safe that’s plush with fun toys to shoot. my most enjoyable pistol to take to the range with me is still my @nighthawkcustom t4. #nighthawkcustom #sundaygunday

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This is science i can stand behind

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