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Wear statement jewels with cool, casual denim from the new collection. discover more at #stellamccartney.com

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We are a vegetarian brand that has never used leather, fur or skins in our products. this is a decision that we have always stood by both for ethical and environmental reasons. measuring our environmental profit and loss has helped us to directly compare the impact of the synthetic alternatives that we use to that of leather use. find out more on our ep&l on #stellasworld at #stellamccartney.com.

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Nothing fishy here! @filxiaobai takes us to the streets of shanghai in new season intarsia with our latest #onecityonegirl story. watch the film and read the interview on #stellasworld at #stellamccartney.com. #falabellabox

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Soft, voluminous shapes and fluid lines with stand-out accessories. discover the evening edit in the new collection at #stellamccartney.com.

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Hello, shanghai! the new #onecityonegirl is here featuring stylist @filxiaobai. take a tour and discover some stand-out style. watch and shop on #stellasworld at #stellamccartney.com.

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Our iconic #falabella gets a hard-edged update this season. discover the #falabellabox collection now at #stellamccartney.com, made from eco alter-nappa - our vegetarian alternative to nappa leather.

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Stylist, @filxiaobai, shows us her stand-out style in our latest #onecityonegirl feature, the shanghai edition! shop the story and watch the film on #stellasworld at #stellamccartney.com. #falabellabox

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Stitching into spring. discover intricate topstitch detailing on lighter outerwear in unexpected hues. shop the new season in-store and online at #stellamccartney.com.

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New season sandals reach dazzling new heights. shop footwear at #stellamccartney.com.

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Two times a charm! @stella_kids head out and about in nature-inspired reversible outerwear. shop at #stellamccartney.com.

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Classic tailoring meets street wear with attitude in the debut #stellamenswear collection. shop now at #stellamccartney.com.

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We have switched from v****n cashmere to regenerated cashmere, which has 87% less environmental impact. find out more on our ep&l on #stellasworld at #stellamccartney.com. #stellacares

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Girls on the go! discover a new collection of bags made from recycled nylon with iconic #falabella chain detailing in the #falabellago collection. shop at #stellamccartney.com.

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Loving my #stellaswim so much!! x stella

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It’s a new day in denim dresses, featuring form-flattering shirring detail. discover the new season at #stellamccartney.com.

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New horizons, everyday! happy new year! x stella

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Popping into 2017 with love, health and happiness to all of you... i love you x stella

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And a very happy new year to you! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

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Celebrate the new year with #popnow! shop the fragrance at #stellamccartney.com

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The signature #falabella received a hard-edged style update. shop the new collection of #falabellabox styles at #stellamccartney.com.

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