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Tonal blues cover denim dresses and statement jewellery in the spring collection. shop at #stellamccartney.com

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Texture on texture. wear the new season wicker #falabellabox bag with rustic knitwear in earthy tones to complete the new season look. shop the collection at #stellamccartney.com

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Organic cotton dresses embellished with delicate floral embroidery embody @stella_kids season inspired by nature. shop the edit at #stellamccartney.com #stellakids #stellamccartneykids

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Borrow from the boys in classic menswear-inspired shirts updated with spots on stripes and bold new dimensions. shop the new season at #stellamccartney.com

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"we played in each other's worlds and came up with cool stuff to shoot and collaborated in each other's lenses." enter @petcortright and @marchorowitz's world in the latest #doubleact. discover more on #stellasworld at #stellamccartney.com. music: dusk balm by @optimatex.

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Summer styles have landed! discover the #stellapopper bucket bag crafted in eco alter-nappa with rich cognac tones at #stellamccartney.com

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The classic #elyse gets a woven update for spring featuring a lightweight, sustainably sourced cork sole. shop footwear at #stellamccartney.com

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Happy mother's day! #stella #stellalingerie

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As mother's day arrives here in britain, i need to pause and reflect on my mother. the depth to which she has inspired my life is unimaginable. she was a mum with unconditional love, she was a true beauty inside and out. comfortable in her own skin and her sense of style was like no one else around, which inspired me to try to not be anyone i am not in my life and her natural confidence is at the core of my principles and dreams for all the stella women i touch through my work. her love of animals inspired my responsible beliefs and along with dad, they taught me to look at the world around me and to serve it and respect it in all i do. i look at my babies and as their mum all i want is to be as great as my mother was to me. i love you linda louise. x stella

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"we have our different ways of recording and making a video, but they blend together really nicely." husband and wife @petcortright and @marchorowitz are our latest #doubleact wearing the new collections. music: dusk balm by @optimatex.

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Beautiful blossoms x stella

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Update your summer wardrobe with the cool new #falabellabox in wicker. discover a variety of colours and sizes at #stellamccartney.com

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Show her the love. gift floral printed sleepwear this mother's day and shop the edit at #stellamccartney.com

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Premiered today in our hong kong landmark store for @artbasel hk, artists @petcortright and @marchorowitz share a united vision in our latest #doubleact. discover as they turn work in to play for their first husband/wife artistic collaboration, wearing the latest men's and women's collections at #stellamccartney.com. music: dusk balm by @optimatex

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Those who nose it's #rednoseday are in the know!! an incredible cause that you should support! x stella

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The detail in the back. stitched swallows add energy to classic utility shirts and outerwear from the first #stellamenswear collection. shop now at #stellamccartney.com

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Explore the new wicker style #falabellabox made with our sustainable ethos in eco alter-nappa and featuring a recycled polyester lining. shop the collection at #stellamccartney.com

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I am so proud to be a londoner and this act of terror will only make us stronger... my heart and soul reach out to those affected by this horrific event... all humans with a heart are touched by this and this is a time to come together to spread the word of love... x stella

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Respecting our world's resources on #worldwaterday. 💧 please support @drop4drop! x stella #w4water

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Dream of an escape in dresses printed with country scenes, and add an element of boyish cool with a cropped utility-style jacket. shop at #stellamccartney.com

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