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Taking the scenic route over the lush, rugged coastline of kauai.
photo by @kyle.fredrickson #stayandwander

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Moments of stillness and an overwhelming sense of calm.
photo by @theolator #stayandwander

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Exploring the majestic old-growth redwoods in california.
photo by @brianxplores #stayandwander

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Enjoying the most colourful time of the year in japan.
photo by @nakinavy #stayandwander

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Subtle colors and soft morning light through the porthole.
photo by @gabrielevinci #stayandwander

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The mood is perfect, the stage is set, play us a tune maestro.
photo by @fabian.huebner #stayandwander

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Hundreds of windows in hong kong, searching for color and symmetry.
photo by @thedronelad #stayandwander

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Abandoned on the shore, mother nature always wins.
photo by @anskar.lenzen #stayandwander

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Perfect campsite under the stars procured, engage good times.
photo by @elliotjsimpson #stayandwander

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Cold mornings and perfect reflections by the ocean in norway.
photo by @frauki #stayandwander

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The sun casting long, orange light over distant layers.
photo by @nathanielwise #stayandwander

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Trying to keep out the bitter cold, surrounded by beauty in finland.
photo by @jameslloydcole #stayandwander

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