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Winding its way through a moody faroe islands.
photo by @karl_shakur #stayandwander

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While in hong kong eating all the food, this spot is a must visit.
photo by @veeceecheng #stayandwander

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Freshly fallen show makes for the perfect moment in harz national park.
photo by @tom_juenemann #stayandwander

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Up for sunrise and wandering the streets on istanbul looking for moments.
photo by @emmett_sparling #stayandwander

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A beautiful drive heading up the mountain through a snow covered wonderland.
photo by @nathaninthesouth #stayandwander

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Keeping warm by the fire on a beautiful, chilly evening on the pacific coast.
photo by @petenathanson #stayandwander

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Early reflections and simple, snowy beauty at lake wenatchee.
photo by @zachnicholz #stayandwander

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Hunting for the perfect spot to spend the night.
photo by @jack_anstey #stayandwander

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Beautiful mornings in historic german city of quedlinburg.
photo by @stevenweisbach #stayandwander

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Add this to the list of stuff to do and see in iceland.
photo by @tomkahler #stayandwander

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Smooth water, wooden textures and a beautiful destination dead ahead.
photo by @kuhrmarvin #stayandwander

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Heading home after a long, tiring day in hong kong.
photo by @harimaolee #stayandwander

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