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Us army 75th ranger

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Us airforce pjs

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German and danish special forces

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Shoulder fired dutch shepherd.

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Us army green beret

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“this trip has gone to s**t since we ran out of lucky lager”- @1factfinder #repost @1minuteout with @get_repost
hanging out on a rooftop in downtown baghdad with @1factfinder link in bio for a little longer version on my youtube channel
let me know if you want to see more video footage??

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Us army 75th ranger

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German gsg9

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Hanging around saddams palaces, for those that didn’t know almost all of his s**t was fake, fake gold fake marble all for show, don’t believe the hype. thanks to @silence_and_light_official for sharing this pic

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Us army 75th rangers. photo from @kowalski_kyle

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Us army 75th ranger in afghanistan

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Dutch dsi

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