Marine raiders and navy sarcs in iraq. everyone make sure you guys are following @cromedical. cro is ran by a couple sarcs at marsoc and they are leaders in trauma medicine.

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Dutch special forces

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Devgru operators bill mulder and kraig vickers in afghanistan.

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Us navy seals

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Belgian special forces in iraq

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British sbs in afghanistan

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Fbi hrt

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Us state department msd in new york

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Dutch dsi

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Belgian special forces in iraq

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Us army green berets in niger

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Send prayers to sgm robert trivino. this man was one of the greatest leaders in his unit, respected by many he gave the better part of his life to serve his country, done multiple tours to afghanistan and iraq. now he needs our help. rob recently suffered a serious, life altering medical condition which is going to keep him out of work while he is on the road to recovery. his wife, who is at his side, will miss work as well. any, and all, assistance that can be provided will help the trivino family through this difficult time. there is a link in my bio for a gofundme to help out. πŸ™ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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