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“people can just produce something and if they think it’s good enough, they can upload it and see what the reaction is. where else can you do that?” - @claptone.official #scfirst

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From first message to first mix, @lotic's first on soundcloud story is all about simplicity.

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"soundcloud is still the best and one of the only ways to share music. it’s easy, quick and straightforward and that just did not exist before soundcloud. it was needed for so long.” - @lotic #scfirst

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From first upload to first album, @peggygou_'s first on soundcloud story is all about connecting with her fans.

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"my favorite part of soundcloud is the comments. usually they’re pretty positive and i like reading them because you can write on specific minutes and seconds within the song – it’s a good platform for people who want to break through.” - @peggygou_ #scfirst

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As we continue to celebrate the intersection of music and q***r culture, @iamleggoh is taking over our page for #pridemonth. with a name you won't forget, leggoh has taken on many titles, including vogue instructor, music producer, recording artist and is currently the resident commentator at house of vogue. follow along🌈

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First on soundcloud just touched down in europe and features @peggygou_, @lotic, @claptone.official, @littlesimz, @janblomqvist_official and @loungeinparis. don't forget to upload your tracks and tag #scfirst

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Rip xxxtentacion

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The carters💙 [link in bio]

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Head on over to sc to listen to @beberexha new track, "i'm a mess"🖤 [link in bio]

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@cassow feat. @vory dropped a new one🥀 head on over to sc to listen [link in bio]

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Inspired by 90's ballroom culture and kawaii harajuku, @ajathekween, brooklyn based q***r rapper will be taking over our page today for #pridemonth. follow along🌈✨

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