SOFlete SOFLETE innovation to enhance the combat athlete. #DieLiving Email [email protected] for order inquiries. https://soflete.com/collections/lifestyle/products/soflete-kota-board
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If you missed that first run of @spiritussystems custom die living fanny sacks, today is your lucky day. a limited second run is live now - available in the app only. log in to your soflete app training account and click on the “shop” tab on the bottom. if you aren’t on the training subscriptions, you won’t be able to login to the app.
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Surround yourself with dope people doing dope s**t and your life will be dope.
here’s commercial 3 of 4 that the homie @laidbackberserker and his @warofficeproductions did for the army.
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Before everyone starts changing profile pictures and flexin, we just want to send props and praise to all those hard f***s still walking the walk, those who kept it gangster and didn’t talk about it, those who are still breathing but too broken to do the deed, and those about to walk into the fray.
you know who you are. you the real mvp’s.
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F u e g o

spades ♠️ on pistol grips and die living plate carriers
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F r e e ☕️ 9 9

order a tub of soflete coffee protein and get a free double walled, insulated, stainless steel travel mug. made with real coffee and mct oil. energy + gains
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Q u i c k 💪 g a i n s
being too busy is not a valid excuse for why you can’t to the gym. that’s why there is soflete quick team. each training session is 30-60 minutes per day. built for the homies with demanding schedules, but still need to maintain their readiness and health.
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Friday vibes
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These bad larry’s, designed by @the.cody.alford and made by @kotalongboards are up on the site. cop one off of the website (link in bio) now for bar cruising in style and ease.
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Buy a flannel, get 2 free pint glasses, that’s a campaign promise! #defythenorm #dieliving #soflete #flannel #thebestmidtermchoiceyoucanmake #voteforauthenticity

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Freight train is the new soflete strength program that just dropped!
freight train will focus on building the athletes strength-speed, moving heavy loads as fast as possible, and speed-strength, moving sub-maximal loads as fast as possible for the strength portion of the program. we’re going to get primal with the stamina portion by utilizing sandbags for 2-4 stamina sessions per week. overall the stamina will look to build power output within the 3 energy systems of the body. saturdays will be a long strongman focused day with the athlete moving odd objects for 45-75 minutes. at the end of the program, the athlete will have the ability to, in the words of the poet marshawn lynch, “run through a motherfucker’s face” at the cyclic. pair this with soflete nutrition program with @brookewest_rdn and you might be able to run through marshawn lynch!
head over to train.soflete.com
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