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Names?? something spring related? 🌺🌸 i posted on my story few minutes ago.. but i’m going to start posting on youtube!! (reviews, tutorials [?], etc.)

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Candy land bubble🍭✨ i was experimenting with filters & added a filter on this because it made the slime look so cool!! 👀 which slime account that is inactive / deactivated that you want for it to come back?? i have so many :,(😭

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Caviar✨ the crunch of this was everything 😫 my nails in this video kinda looks like my barbie slime metallic color oooo~~🤩 if you could eat only one food for the rest of your life.. what would it be..?? 🥘

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Slime restock today @ 8:00pm cst! approx. 1 hour! (please convert the time if you are in a different time zone.)
✨=new slime
-barry b. benson clear slime
-beauty & the beast clear slime
-candy crush clear slime
-carl & ellie clear slime
-clair de lune fishbowl
-dragonfruit slush slushy slime
-duck in a pond clear slime
-emerald fishbowl
-frozen lemonade
-fruit punch fishbowl
-jelly belly clear slime duo
-jerry's melted cheese butter slime
-lavender fluff cloud slime
-magic kingdom cloud slime
-mary poppins clear slime
-mint chip cloud slime
-moo-shroom clear slime
-no, this is patrick jelly cube slime
-ohana clear slime
-sheep in a dream clear slime
-shooting star cloud slime
-sprite slush slushy slime
-starburst fizz
-sugar cookie fluff cloud slime
-sugar cookie frosting butter slime
-unicorn's egg clear slime -
please have the parents & the cardholder’s permission when you are purchasing. i am not responsible for lost packages so make sure to put correct address when purchasing.

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What does this color scheme remind you of?? 🤔 i’ve seen many of these types of videos so i wanted to try them out for myself ... it’s pretty satisfying imo 🤩!! i love the part where i layer some clear slime over the clay :-d👍🏼

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Party popper✨ i’ve recently been to korea 🇰🇷 and had a really bad jet lag so i’ve been staying up all night lately 😴😫... have any of you guys pulled all nighters before? 🤔

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Bambi slime tank🦌 (winter & spring scenes) this one didn’t turn out as good as i hoped for😪 but anyways i didn’t have time to get my nails redone today so i’m getting it done tomorrow!! comment what design/color i should get... 💅💅💅(asked on my story yesterday)

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Birthday bomb💣 7 mins late for my birthday in my area but happy belated birthday to me :))🎂 any other capricorn’s out there? (edit: oh & yea it kinda looks disgusting in the end )

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Singularity👽💋 decided to create a big batch of v’s solo since the whole color scheme of the mv is so prettyyy !!💯 the first three letters of your name + “ean” or “nese” is your new language!!

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Winter wonderland🍭 imovie was lagging a ton today... kept adding different sounds when i tried to import the video >:-( did this happen to any of you guys?? also, if you could send one slime of yours to a celebrity, who would you send it to??😉😉🤔

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Last post of 2018✨ wow 2018 was craaazy 🥴 for me!! last year i posted a big batch of detox water so i decided to post a big batch of unicorn’s egg for this year :-d 🤩 how long is it till 2019 in your time zone :-0😦??

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🐬 pigment mixing!! also, what are your new years resolutions? i feel like 2018 went by sooo fast..😵😪

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