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Wait.. watt?💡 lol, get it ..🙂 can you guys believe march is ending soon?? it seems like 2019 started yesterday haha🗓 comment some puns down below 👇🏻

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Galaxy clay bomb🌌 look at the colors!! spring break is coming to an end for me :( today is the last day of the break🙃 would you rather own 200 cats or 200 dogs..? 🐕 vs. 🐈

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Names?💙 this video gives me some nostalgia to my 2017 videos.. when i added the pigment on top of a less ‘imperfect ’ circle of slime..🙂 it’s so crazy how my lighting setup barely changed from the beginning but the way & the style i play + decorate the slime has changed over the past 2 years🧐 i sometimes still go back to my old videos & watch the difference from my recent ones haha :)

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Rainbow jellybeans😛!! i wanted to try this out for a while from seeing so many different instagram videos where people put random charms into slime crunch balls✨🤓 this one felt a little weird but it was still cool.. which charms/ glitter should i try to make a crunch ball out of next?🧐 (ps: i posted my slime rodeo vlog on my youtube channel!! the link is on my bio if you want to check it out ;))☝🏼🎬

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Names? this glitter mix is so pretty 🌙✨.. today i binge-watched the office w/ my dog ✌🏼 & now i’m at my office filming new slime videos!! today was a relaxing day for me, what about you?💁🏻‍♀️

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My 3rd slime convention: ✔️ !! slime rodeo on the bay was such a fantastic experience & i had an amazing time taking pictures and meeting you guys!! 🤠 although this time i didn’t have the chance to see/talk to all of the other slimers & vendors at the convention due to the lack of time, i hope everyone who attended @slimerodeo had an amazing time :-)) ❤️ thank you @jammy.slimes + @slimerodeo for hosting this amazing event & and as always, shoutout to @snoopsshop for helping me out with everything <3

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**temporary post** sarah (@snoopsshop ) & i made a huge slime bubble after slime rodeo.. watch the whole video 🤠 (edit: you guys are right haha i’m keeping this up)

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Names?🤩 i had so much fun at slime rodeo & i’ll try to post some videos and pictures from yesterday on my feed... 🤠 sarah and i made a hugeeee slime bubble after the convention ended & i’ll try to post a video of that later too :-d

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Pink potion💞🧪 just boarded from dallas airport!! ✈️ i’ll arrive at tampa at around 1:00am though.. 😓 going to be tiring.. but i am so excited to meet you guys!!! if you could create a potion, what kind of power would you want the potion to give you? 🧪 🧙‍♂️

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Slime rodeo list:
**= available in 32oz
🔺= new!!
-barry b. benson clear slime
-carl & ellie clear slime -dragon’s egg clear slime
-duck in a pond clear slime**
-ohana clear slime
-moana clear slime🔺**
-snoopslimes clear slime
-watermelon bites clear slime
-cherry bubble clear slime🔺
-sweets bubble clear slime🔺
-gloss candy bits clear slime🔺
-clair de lune fishbowl
-sprite slush**
-pink lemonade slush
-turtle cove fishbowl🔺
-luxury pearl crunch🔺
snow fizz
-dragonfruit fizz
-starburst fizz**
-popcorn fusion fizz🔺
-pink potion metallic🔺
-barbie metallic**
-king midas metallic -
-sugar cookie frosting butter -
6oz- $12, 8oz- $13, 32oz- $40

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Treasure hunt🚢 instagram wasn’t working for me yesterday at all so... i couldn’t post anything :,(😭 but everything is working fine now so here is a super satisfying video for you guys!🤩 today is pi day so try to comment as much digits of pi that you can on top of your head.. without looking it up!! ✏️🤓

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Ohana🌸💙 as promised, one more video for today!!🥳 oooo keep watching till the end for some good bubble pops 🔊 :-d type “ i am craving _____” and fill in the blank with predictive words!!

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