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I’m gonna die from borax sooner or later ✌️πŸ₯ΊπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ₯°

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Making koya crunch!! 🐨 (minus the blue food coloring- for next post)
hello all i love you have a great week,,drink lots of water and study hard but don’t forget to treat yourself

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Happy sunday!!
i just wanna thank you guys for all of your love and support, i’m so grateful <33
how’ve you been? feel free to rant in the comments

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Happy sunday <3
thank u for 3.5k i lob u guys
what’re you up to today?
i’m chillin at starbucks reading a book
edit: i post too many white slimes oops

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Fun fact: i spent my sunday running away from deer :,)

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I don’t claim this video πŸ—Ώ

comment 42 star 761 last month

Hey lovelies i missed u all :< i came back on my birthday woohoo!! that break was very much needed and i feel like i pulled pieces of my life back together lol
n e ways,,,bts at the frickin grammys?? hell yea

comment 150 star 1,014 last month

Soft pops 😌
hey guys i love you all and i hope your weekend was relaxing!! i’m studying at a library right now listening to some v good jazz hip hop <33
it’s so sunny but also rlly chilly here. that’s the way i like the weather ahh
drink lots of water and stay on task this week!! hope u have a great one bbys x

comment 49 star 1,147 January 2019

Hello my lovelies πŸ₯°
i have two midterms tmr so i’m studying hard!! lol wish me luck
frosties or sugar puffs??
^ if you understand that you’re cool and have great taste in shows πŸ˜™

comment 55 star 1,192 January 2019

Uh this is a mcdonald’s drive thru
n e ways i finally posted woohoo πŸ₯³
how was your day?

comment 79 star 707 January 2019

I’m having sm fun in canada! what are y’all up to??
my recent posts have terrible thumbnails agh sorryy

comment 77 star 918 December 2018

Making koya crunch! 🐨
^ link in bio to buy
y’all i’m so excited for winter break i can’t wait 😫
add up your points:
+10 if jeans are your aesthetic +10 if you want to work in the medical field
+20 if you have an 100 in one class
+5 if you watch anime
+100 if you’re an extrovert -100 if you’ve never eaten chick fil a

comment 107 star 875 December 2018