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Strawberry milk 🍓🥛
from @slimey.rainbowzzz
this slime is super clicky and glossy, it also inflated to 16oz!! definitely recommend buying from kaelyn :)
have you ever purchased slime before?

comment 5 star 109 Yesterday

Juicy fruit bubblegum 💛
best seller, thick&glossy slay slime, stretchy, pokable, spreadable, inflatable and has amazing bubble pops (scented fruit)
link in bio!!
which slime have you always wanted from a slime account?
singularity from @abyandislimes or any slime from @softrockslimes :-)

comment 15 star 170 2 days ago

Rice pudding 🍚
super crunchy white glue slushee, scented lightly like strawberries
link in bio!!
do you pour the cereal or milk first?
uh the milk first duhhh 😛

comment 17 star 285 6 days ago

Pink lemonade 🍋🥤
from @asmrology
this slime is so cute and sooo addicting to play with, i can’t keep my hands off it
also this inflates a tonnn :-)
when does your school start?
idek lol

comment 11 star 139 2 weeks ago

Making some clear glue floam 😁
watch till the end for crunch 🤤
can you help me name this?
favorite disney movie?
definitely hercules!!

comment 18 star 232 2 weeks ago

Sparking lime 🍋✨
from @asmrology
this cloud slime is perfect, allison outdid herself once again!! thank you sm 💕
watch till the end for drizzles
have you been to disney world before?
i’m at magic kingdom right now!

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What’s 9+10? 🤪🤪🤪
watch till the end for the answer!

comment 58 star 236 3 weeks ago

“you got no jams“ 🎶
said by kim namjoon (rm) from bts 😂
foam squares from @_creamy_slimez_ 💞
what genres of music do you like?
i like r&b, edm, kpop

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Mixing iridescent flowers into clear slime 💫
inspo: @sajeslime

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This slime is called ____________.
^only my true followers will know
it’s thick, clicky, glossy and it has amazing bubble pops!
link in bio 💛
do you wear grey or black more?
i wear grey all the time haha

comment 34 star 158 3 weeks ago

Bubble popping 😌
my shop is stocked, link in bio 💖
+5 if you like winter better than summer
+10 if you like photography +20 if you don’t have a twitter
+30 if you can’t make cloud slime 😤
+5 if you hate mushrooms
+100 if you’re asian +20 if you’re clumsy like me
add up your points!

comment 47 star 431 3 weeks ago

Fairy floss snow fizz ✨🧚‍♀️
gorgeous snow fizz slime packed with fake snow, glitter and lots of sliver leaf flakes to top it off (the flakes are shown on my story) so crunchy and sizzly!
do you like spicy food?
yess i live for it 😋

comment 18 star 141 3 weeks ago