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easy, right? you just sink down and stand back up?
there are some key factors in keeping that squat good, tight, and right.

1. feet stay solidly on the ground. heels and toes should not lift. some natural movement in the foot is fine, but there should be no significant lifting. (btw, we are idiots with dark bottom soled lifting shoes and stained our platform dark. there is some normal flexing in the shoe, but no real heel lifting. ✌️)
2. send your hips back first. if you are very aware of your body, break at the knees and hips simultaneously, but if you are like most people—hips first, knees immediately after.
3. break parallel; even if it’s just a fraction of an inch past. if your b**t cheeks stay above the line of your knees, you’re doing it very wrong.
4. knees in line with toes. do not track them inward. think about shoving your knees outward through the whole movement.
5. center mass over center foot.

there are so many more things that go into a good squat, especially heavy squats, but these are the basics that everyone should nail.

ps-i know my angles are the worst. you should expect this by now.

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Get you someone who looks at you the way my dog looks at me.
...assuming you like needy creatures in your life.

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Niçoise salad is a go-to easy meal for me. potatoes, green beans, eggs, and even the fish can all be prepped in advance. this is why i especially like salmon for it. i think cold, leftover roasted salmon is delicious! this salad is also great with hot smoked salmon which is available in many large grocery stores.
of course, you can make everything fresh right before. warm potatoes soaking up this caper and olive vinaigrette is heavenly.
greens (i like spinach and arugula for this salad)
blanched green beans
hard boiled eggs
roasted (or boiled) potatoes
cooked salmon
caper olive vinaigrette:
1tbsp capers
1/4 c black or kalamata olives
1 clove garlic
pinch of dried oregano
2tsp dijon mustard
2tsp olive oil
splash (white wine) vinegar
blitz up components until mostly smooth in a small food processor or blender. adjust olive oil and vinegar to get desired consistency and flavor.
2 servings

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The absolute ugliest deadlift of my entire life.
but i got it done.
9lbs shy of what i ideally wanted, but i’ll take 266!!! (21lbs over my last pr)
especially considering i did not feel strong today.

not feeling strong is something that happens. you just have to roll with it. typically that feeling goes away over the course of a normal workout for me. it’s different for a 1rm test because it’s not a normal session.

for fun, my success reaction and fail reaction (to 271) are startlingly similar. 😅

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I took the direction of peeking out from behind a bag literally. 🤷‍♀️
oh well, these ladies are the real stars of the show anyway! while the rest of nashville probably partied too hard at live on the green last night, these 4 came in and crushed friday morning!! 💥🥊

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Never trust 1rm calculators, haha!
ok, they can be a good gauge and help you figure out % if that is what your training calls for. and if you are calculating from a 2 or 3rm, it will be closer to truth.
my d*****s was thinking i put on nearly 40lbs to my squat because i calculated from 10rm. 🙄 (i knew it was theoretical, but still... dumbass.)
um, yeah, i definitely can’t squat 282... yet.
i did put a solid 26lbs on to it! from 235 to 261 in 8 weeks at weight maintenance (152 this morning.) 100% not disappointed in that.
i failed 271. i could feel the fatigue hardcore. i had already done 2 squats (250 and 261) over my previous pr. i don’t think i had even walked out 255 before today.
so in conclusion, f**k yeah!

second video is my sad lil 130 bench from yesterday that went up great but then ruined me for 135 apparently. 😡

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Barbell rows (standard)
one of my favorite exercises, but so frustrating to watch some people do them. (#sorrynotsorry 😬)
1. neutral spine. hip hinge. slight bend in knees (hamstrings should not be overly engaged.)
2. neutral, pronated grip—where you would just naturally grab the bar. your wrists, elbows, and shoulders should all be roughly in line with each other.
3. for f’s sake, don’t “break” your wrists. if it helps, think about keeping your knuckles in the same line with your wrists. (this is for most people, if you are more advanced, we can talk about some flexion.)
4. for double f’s sake, do not flare your elbows. your elbows should stay in the same line through the entire movement (second slide.)
5. think about “cracking a walnut” between your shoulder blades at the top of the move. (all credit for that incredibly helpful gem goes to @valbo00 )
6. you’ll get the most b**g for your effort if you pull straight up to the top of your abs. if you don’t have that strength or mobility, pull to your bellybutton.

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And if i see van helsing, i swear to the lord i will slay him!
someone please take me out to a place i can wear this again.

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today was my final workout of the program. (8 at 225, barefoot because i’m lazy. 👣 i know you’re probably sick of seeing dls 😜)
i’ve been more than pleased with these past 8 weeks. i can not recommend this program enough! it was hard.
it was a lot of work.
it was 100% worth it.

i got anxious and nervous about some workouts, but i never dreaded a workout.
and i never failed a workout. i truly felt like i was being set up for success every step of the way.
@bodybuildingcom and @megsquats did an absolutely amazing job with this program!!

day 1 i weighed 149, today i weighted 153. running this program on maintenance was important to me since i haven’t really lost weight since my bulk, losing weight can be boring. with my height and frame, i don’t care about 4lbs.

maybe now i’ll actually make a real attempt to lose body fat... only so i can come back and run this program again on a bulk!

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i have 4 big rules when it comes to making smoothies:
1. protein
2. veggies
3. frozen fruit
4. no added sugar

if you aren’t conscious of what you put in your smoothie, it can end up a sugar bomb with just a lot of empty carbs. delicious, sure, but not filling or nutritious.

the recipe for my current go-to smoothie is below. all the fruit is frozen because it gives the best, creamy texture and there is no need for ice. it’s fresh and summery and loaded with vitamins and minerals (c, a, b6, magnesium, potassium.) due to whole fruit, it also has about 7g of fiber. that along with the protein will help keep you full and fueled!

summer berry mango smoothie
1/2 banana
1/2 c mango chunks
1/4 c blueberries
1/4 c raspberries
1/4 c non f*t plain greek yogurt
1 c spinach
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
(~1/2c water, milk, or juice)
blend it all together! start with less liquid than you think you need, no one likes a thin watery smoothie. add liquid until you get your desired consistency.
makes 1 huge smoothie!
37c/32p/2f (just under 300 cal)

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Awkwardly strutting into the weekend like leo.
the last few weeks i’ve moved weight a good bit heavier than 212lbs, but it’s been in relatively low volume rep schemes. today was an amrap of what i had previously determined to be my 6rm.
i was shooting for 7.
i got 10!!
i had to listen to my body and mind and not go for 11 (for a reason you may not guess, i’ll go into that in another post if you’re curious.)

being able to determine your body’s actual limits and idiosyncrasies is important. is the block or feedback truly physical or is it mostly mental? sometimes your brain tells you things for a reason, sometimes it holds you back based on unfounded fears.
in my humble opinion, learning how to properly work with your body and brain is the most important component of fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

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