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This past sunday i was craving something sweet that wasn’t *too* bad for me.
enter @haven_selflove with this blondie bar banger! i had to adapt the recipe a little to fit with what i had on hand, so mine ended up as cinnamon hazelnut chocolate blondie bars.
and ho. ly. c**p they were delicious! good fats, whole grains, natural sweeteners—i’m 100% making these again. maybe not “healthy” in the most traditional sense, but *absolutely* better for you than a regular blondie!
(➡️ for the original recipe. also, mix wet ingredients, then add dry. shape on a parchment lined baking sheet. bake at 350f for 13-15 min.)

fyi-press the chips into the top instead of mixing them in for a more ig worthy picture 😂

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I live my life with carefully planned abandon.

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Is amazonprime goth a thing?
basic goth?
pumpkin spice goth?
i’m leaning in, guys.

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Movin’ good, feelin’ good.
this is my first decently heavy deadlift day in a while and i am very pleased with how it went.
grip ✔️
speed ✔️
weight ✔️
lockout ✔️
but- had it not gone hunky dory, i wouldn’t have beat myself up over it. learning to be patient with lifting is a never ending task that is integral to long term success.

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I’m a big fan of recreating take out at home.
yes, it may not be as convenient, but it is way healthier and still incredibly satisfying.

last night was a super fast fried rice.
just a teaspoon of oil, tons of veggies, 3/4 c cooked brown rice, 1 egg, a splash of low sodium soy sauce and rice vinegar.
top with a lean protein of your choice (i did crispy baked tofu) and lots of sriracha.

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But, like, why isn’t there a pumpkin spice filter?
as much as i dread the cold (and thus the cooling weather that inevitably spirals into deathly freezing temperatures,) it *is* nice not being utterly drenched after a workout.
#notsweatyforonce #stillatroll

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Sometimes things feel crazy, but are actually fine.
my squats on monday felt like they were all over the place. the weight was fine, but set up and follow through seemed wonky and slow coming.

maybe i was in my head too much.
maybe what felt like huge missteps were actually super minor or non-existent.
maybe i lost a little trust in my own ability.

my face reads like i royally s*****d up the last rep. i remember it felt like one half of my body came up way faster than the other. but even i can’t tell it in the video.

this month remember that you are probably doing way better than you think. 🖤

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Take me back to a cool and cloudy mountain top.

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So unbelievably happy to back in my own little safe haven and restart my bench program!

the last month and a half was a busy whirlwind of work and travel.
not that these last few months of the year aren’t going to be crazy in their own way, but i have a lot more time at home to focus on me and my goals.

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People let me tell you ‘bout my best friend.

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Eat a big greasy breakfast.✔️
drink beer, eat hot cheetos and peanut m&ms.✔️
then take bikini pictures.✔️
... like a muthafuckin’ pro.

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How to blend in with glass 101:
you can’t.
if you have a chance to see the chihuly exhibit at biltmore in the next few days, do not miss the opportunity!
#chihulyatbiltmore #chihulynights #biltmore #blownglass #asheville #northcarolina #adventure #travel #wanderlust #wine #sunset #nofilter

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