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I’ll love you forever. 💀💀
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I’m not a religious or spiritual person.
for the most part i reject any practice that tries to connect people to any higher or unknown power.
but i’ve recently found myself taking small moments to ground and center myself within the physical world.
to simply focus my energy into the space around me.
the earth and her physical gifts are things i can trust in.
water. dirt. animals. friends. my body.
these are things i can believe in.
things that i find are worth my effort.

however you choose to honor your life and the world and space you inhabit, do it with truth and conviction.

workouts, technique, and regular s**t coming back soon. stay tuned ✌️

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Funny how 2 intentional pounds lost can make you feel yourself all over again.
here’s the thing: i don’t think i need to lose weight.
i love my body right now.
but i will also love it with lower body f*t %.
i would really like to do another round of bulking, but as it is, i’m not mentally comfortable going into it without some f*t loss first.
i’ve been putting off this f*t loss for almost a year and been sitting in maintenance; it’s time i do what promised myself. i’m taking it slow and i have no real goal weight: just until i’m mentally ready to bulk again.

it’s hard to love your body 100% of the time, but you can love it at every stage of your journey.

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The last few months my anxiety had been pretty much in check.
the last 10 days destroyed that.
i managed to be intensely productive and was running on some strange cosmic strength, but my anxiety spiraled.
little things that had been nothing more than gnats on a radar exploded with devastating force.

one of the biggest mental hits i am still struggling to come to terms with is that i have too much anxiety around the idea of competing in powerlifting and a huge goal of mine was to compete in may or august.
i couldn’t see it before, but that low lying anxiety about competing had been affecting my training for the last 6 months.
i really f*****g hate this fact, but my mental well being is way more important than any competition.

as strange as it feels to be back on the mpc program after 1.5 years, i’m so thankful for it & for it’s perfect timing, and i’m so excited for this year’s format. i still get to work on my big lifts, but in a cross training style.

(the few of you that know what’s going on, please keep yo d**n tongues instead yo d**n heads.✌️)

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100.5 manmakers
i can’t *believe* i messed up the very last rep! 🤦‍♀️
it sucked, but i felt weirdly strong through the whole 45min it took. i seriously thought i’d have to drop to 10lb dumbbells; i managed to stick it out with 15s! things got really hairy about 40-70 and then i got some anger fuel to push me through my last sets. 😅

i’m so happy @momoluvslife and i challenged ourselves to this #peakstreak killer and i’m even more stoked so many of you joined in #manmakerhell!
@elenacg19 @beckyjohnson06 @snappysherry @azpeakerandi @mirandavdam159
(i know there are so many more! let me know so i can update!)

@mypeakchallenge @midtnpeakers @samheughan @valbo00

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I figured you might be bored of my squats and deadlifts, so here is my big, sweet, dumb dog.
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Manmakers or #womanmakers (and variations)
1️⃣this is our standard: push-up (keep those feet wide for a solid base and keeping hips square to floor,) row each arm, jump forward, standup, rack weights, squat, overhead press, back down.
2️⃣ for hip/knee mobility issues: incline push-up against something sturdy, shoulder taps, walk forward to pick up weights, curl and press.
3️⃣for those in wheelchairs: front raise, shoulder tap w/ weight, lower, curl and press
repeat 100x 😈
hope to see everyone crushing #manmakerhell this saturday for #peakstreak!!!
@mypeakchallenge @valbo00 @samheughan @alexnorouzi @midtnpeakers

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I’ve been loving going in on workouts lately!
but the level of intensity of my individual sessions force me to rest a bit more.

typically i would lift heavy two days in a row, then a light day with some cardio, then two more heavy days.
well, even though the extra volume i’ve been adding has been light, it’s still a lot more volume! i’m literally moving 1500+lbs per session *more* than my previous workouts. my body hasn’t adjusted yet and i have to listen to it for long term success.
currently, my schedule is go ham every other day, light cardio and mobility in between.

yesterday: 100 total reps bench ranging from 10 connected light reps to heavy singles and varying grip width, speed, and pauses.
and those damn, dirty 100 burpees.
not shown: 100 full extension sit-ups.
here’s to f*****g up those plateaus! 💪🥃

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Blueberry mango protein smoothie bowl
(recipe below)
maybe it’s purely mental on my part, but a smoothie through a straw doesn’t always satisfy my hunger. it feels too much like a beverage as opposed to a meal.
making the smoothie thicker and eating it with a spoon?
boom. feels like a meal to me.

1/2 frozen banana
1/3 c frozen blueberries
1/3 c frozen mango
1/3 c nonfat plain greek yogurt
handful of spinach
1 scoop protein powder (i use vanilla)
milk/coconut water/whatever for blending to desired consistency
toppings of your choice

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Dl v rdl
sooo many people have made this post, but it is always worth repeating! (i highly suggest watching alan thrall’s @untamedstrength youtube video on it for an in depth analysis.)
the difference is the most frequent question i get as a trainer.
while these two exercises are related, they are not interchangeable!

deadlift (1; dl)
like the name implies, it is deadweight. every rep starts at a full stop from the floor. for a proper dl, you engage your glutes, hamstrings, lats, quads... ok, your whole body, basically. typically, this is where people can move the most weight and it is a super practical life exercise.
if you are into the technical jargon: it starts concentric.

romanian deadlift (2; rdl)
weight starts at the top as opposed to the floor. it is still technically full body, but more specifically targets your hamstrings and glutes. the weight may never even touch the floor. it is my absolute favorite accessory lift for lower body. since it is a popular accessory lift, weight is often much lower.
technical mumbo-jumbo: starts eccentric.

just so you know, i was blasting some sweet, sweet kesha during this cold af session. but sound is off because... instagram.

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20 power kicks each leg in 💯 seconds, trimmed for your viewing pleasure (and ig time limits.)
💯 speed kicks in 💯 seconds— time lapse belies the difficulty of this 😅
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Squat height
like bench, you don’t want to waste precious energy un/reracking.
-get positioned with slightly bent knees.
-you should be able to simply stand up and clear the hooks walking out and walking back in.
-you should not be going up on your toes to un/rerack!!! i can’t stress this enough.
do. not. go. on. tiptoes!
your bar is racked too high if you are coming off your heels.
if you are almost squatting, then the bar is obviously too low.

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