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#tbt "don't make any commotion cause i'm swimming with the sharks..." #lemonsharks with randy jordan of @emeraldcharters a few years ago #sharkaddicts #diving #scubadiving #shark #sharks #sharkweek #sharklove #sharklife #sharkdiving #jupiter #florida #floridalocal

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Repost from @juansharks and @oceanicramsey they are taking over @theinertia 's instagram so go check it out. " @oceanicramsey is taking over our instagram for the next 24 hours to spread more information about shark conservation, kicking off #theinertiaimpact series - for folks making a difference. we just launched her #creators feature in our latest original production, and you can watch the full piece on theinertia.com ☝️ link in our bio! @juansharks @oneoceandiving #theinertiatakeover "

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Our shark addicts hyperwick performance long sleeves are now available on our website! link is in my bio to get your hands on one for the shark addict in your life! sharkaddictsdiving.com #sharkaddicts #jupiter #florida #floridalocal

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Coming in hot. repost from @joeromeiro333 "trying to set myself up in the right position and it turns out to be the the wrong place at the right time with this big boy. in no way way this #mako shark acting aggressive towards me. just wanted to get the bait and his momentum sent him into the camera dome. this was totally my fault and i put myself there fully knowing he could possibly come through pretty hot. i felt a few hundred pounds crash into my dome and then he very politely tries to move out of the way without kicking at me with that huge powerful tail. looks like he even has an embarrassed look on his face. i've been working with makos for over a decade and moments like these rarely happen but we always have to remember we work with the most intense shark in the ocean and it's their home we are entering. everyone is an expert these days on makos but these animals deserve great respect and do not see humans as food. these are one of the most exploited sharks in the world. if we are not careful we could loose them easily forever. #oops #shark #sharks #themakoshark #hammerhead #mako #makoshark #bluelightning #tiburon #tubarao #hai #requin #savethemako #fish @rhodeislandsharkdiving @jennelligan @xhannahbeexx @billfisher333"

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Sick shot by @mpophotography great hammerhead with a tiger shark in the background. shot here in jupiter florida #nature #wildlife #floridalocal #florida #shark #tigershark #hammerhead #diving #sharks #sharkdiving #beautiful

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Well our nature walk got interesting today. my gf @lauraweinbe found an ibis wrapped in fishing line stuck to a tree. she went to cut it free as i videotaped and a large gator turned it into lunch. we felt really bad, but we only found the bird because it was making so much noise flapping around. this gator might have got to it in the long run anyways. you can see him coming in the top right corner. he sure came after that bird like he's eaten a few before. sucks man made stuff helped cause it, not sure if the bird was hooked by a lure or just wrapped in line. wish i would've filmed it better but i wasn't really paying attention to the camera. #sonya7s #sonyalpha #alligator #florida #floridalocal #wildlife #nature #ibis

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Rainy day mood. #houstonthebully

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Hug your loved ones and let them know how you feel. my good friend @mmadera1989, my best friend @ayyrico_88 's brother, sadly was involved in a motorcycle accident yesterday and lost his life. he was a combat veteran, loving father/husband to his two year old daughter and his wife, an all around great man. please send love, prayers, and good vibes to their family, so sad to see such an amazing person gone at such a young age. we will miss you brother, but you'll never be forgotten. love you bro. rip

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Big happy birthday to eli martinez @sdmdiving one of our inspirations for a long time! here he is directing shark traffic, great hammerhead in one hand and a tiger shark in the other. check out @sdmdiving for more! 📷 by leigh cobb

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3 years ago today, @sharkaddicts shot this video of this huge leatherback sea turtle cruising by. i like the black mustache he's got going. you'll never know what you'll see diving in jupiter. #sharkaddictsdiving #diving #scubadiving #saveturtles #leatherback #seaturtles #leatherbackturtle #jupiter #florida #floridalocal #nature #wildlife #leatherbackseaturtle

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Repost from @oceanskeepers "the goblin shark 😱😰 --- the goblin shark’s mouth is one of its adaptations to surviving in the deep. instead of chasing after prey, which can take up a lot of energy, the goblin shark hunts by ambush, extending its jaw up to the size of its snout when catching prey. this not only makes the mouth of the shark bigger but also creates a vacuum, s*****g in water and prey. the mouth of the goblin shark is filled with a lot of teeth. those near the front are narrow and sharp, designed to grasp slippery fish while those at the back are flat and made for crushing hard shells. goblin sharks eat mostly fishes that dwell near the ocean floor, as well as squids, octopuses, c***s and shrimp."

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I think it's safe to say @b22wilson and @baylor.wilson22 had fun on their trip with us. here's a taste of the video i made for them. be sure to book on sharkaddictsdiving.com and grab a video package to relive your dives! @sharkaddicts @sharkaddicts3 @thelocalbrand @hammerhead_spearguns #sharkaddictsdiving #diving #shark #sharks #sharkweek #sharklove #sharklife #bullsharks #florida #jupiter #freediving #savesharks #nature #wildlife

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