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Mickey Smith Videographer for the world renowned Shark Addicts specializing in ecotourism and apex predator interactions. Jupiter, Florida Click below to join us! http://sharkaddictsdiving.com/
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Can't wait for this! repost from @sharkaddicts3 "we are so proud to announce our partnership with @gruntworks_official for the #sharkaddicts 4th of july #diveforfreedom event at the @squaregroupertikibar in jupiter, fl. we will be leading a dive expedition alongside some of the areas veteran and purple heart recipients. combat veteran and congressman brian mast will be joining us for the dive and the after party fundraiser taking place from 1-4. dozens of gifts ranging from sports memorabilia to fire arms will be available during the silent auction located at @squaregroupertikibar . all of the proceeds will be going to to @renewal_coalition who do so much for our veterans. we even have a special surprise planned with @ocean.helicopters that will be sure to leave a lasting impression. hope to see everyone there that can attend this celebration of freedom and sacrifice. @hammerhead_spearguns @thelocalbrand @ocean.helicopters @gruntworks_official #army #navy #armedforces #veterans #animals #diving #freediving #america "

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My boy @cody_srt8 decked out in @hammerhead_spearguns gear swimming with a male silky shark who hung out with us for over an hour on saturday's dives. lot more to come from the weekend! book a dive now by visiting our website sharkaddictsdiving.com link is in my bio. @sharkaddicts @sharkaddicts3 @thelocalbrand @costasunglasses #sharkaddictsdiving #silkyshark #jupiter #florida #floridalocal

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Yesterday was another successful day out in the water. we had 6 species show up, scalloped hammerhead, bulls, silkies, sandbar sharks, dusky, and a blacktip shark. fun day out on the water with good people, can't beat that! lots of footage to go through and color correct from the weekend.

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Fun day out with the sharks 🦈 🦈🦈 #sharkaddictsdiving #jupiter #florida

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Repost from @fathomlesslife divers helping to free a whale shark "a whale shark reaches out and cooperates with the diver trying to save him 💙 | this aspect of the video is beautiful, the fact that the whale shark can be tangled like this in the first place grinds my gears! i hate fishing nets that are just left to be ghost nets floating the seas...! what do you guys think? video from secrets of shark island via the smithsonian channel (youtube) #whaleshark #sharks #conservation #ocean #keepitclean #animals #wildlife #nature #wild #humans #scubadiving #sea "

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Repost from @simonjpierce " video by @simonjpierce. what happens when you set up a remote camera at the world's best dive site? ...this. 😱🔨🦈🔨🦈🔨🦈🔨🦈😍 "

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Time to get back out there with the sandbar sharks. book a dive on our website sharkaddictsdiving.com link is in my bio. @sharkaddicts @sharkaddicts3 @hammerhead_spearguns @thelocalbrand @costasunglasses

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Some shots i took on our trip to bimini. #crossingforacure #islandvibes #teamnosleep #sharkaddicts #bimini

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Here's a teaser for our @crossingforacure video. had a blast, i felt like so much stuff happened in a 24 hour period. big thanks to @travis_suit for putting this event on, everyone was able to raise over $120,000 for cystic fibrosis. congrats to all the paddlers, our boys @mattlilly448 and @ianseth9 killed it paddling for over 12 hours. starting in bimini at 3 am and ending in florida around 7 pm. full video coming soon, look for it on our youtube channel and hit subscribe. @sharkaddicts @sharkaddicts3 #crossingforacure #teamnosleep #sharkaddicts #sonya7s

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Our boy @mattlilly448 killed it yesterday for @crossingforacure about 15 hours of paddling from bimini to florida. i don't know how he did it, i hoped on the board for a half hour, 20 minutes of that was me falling, the other ten minutes of actually paddling and i was exhausted haha. lots of pics and videos to come from this awesome event. @sharkaddicts @sharkaddicts3

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In bimini for @crossingforacure wish us luck tomorrow as @mattlilly448 paddles from bimini to florida

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Repost from @maestro320 "conflict 🦈" - " the industrial way we fish for seafood is harming the marine habitats that all ocean life depends upon. indiscriminate commercial fishing practices that include miles of driftnets, long lines with thousands of lethal hooks and bottom trawls are ruining ocean ecosystems by killing non-seafood species, including sea turtles and marine mammals." - ted danson - these are the heart-breaking excerpts of the rescue of 4 whalesharks trapped in a fishing net in indonesia. one of the juvenile whalesharks, clearly in distress, regurgitates what it had already eaten. they escaped sure death thanks to the heroic efforts of members of the #sinaidiversclub. the divers coincidentally found them early enough and managed to rescue these #earthlings. on a good note: all four survived this incident. 🦈 @maestro320 - there is currently no robust estimate of the global whale shark population. the species is considered endangered by the iucn due to the impacts of fisheries, bycatch losses, and vessel strikes, combined with its long life span and late maturation. it is listed, along with six other species of sharks, under the cms memorandum of understanding on the conservation of migratory sharks. in 1998, the philippines banned all fishing, selling, importing, and exporting of whale sharks for commercial purposes, followed by india in may 2001, and taiwan in may 2007 - #whalesharks #rescue #indonesia #fishingnets #humanconflict #earthlings #sinaidivers #heroes #justintime #underwatervideo #uwvideography #conservation #education #savinglives #compassion #empathy #justiceforall "

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Repost from @sharkaddicts3 " sometimes there is a lot going on simultaneously! those are fun dives! unfortunately it's nothing but a rainforest downpour in jupiter florida right now 😑. @sharkaddicts2 @sharkaddicts @hammerhead_spearguns @costasunglasses #sharks #freediving #nature ##diving #ocean #localbrand #jupiter #saltlife #outdoors #fishing #love #followme #cute #happy #summer #wildlife #animalsofinstagram #paradise #vacation #travel #bucketlist #scuba #dive "

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#dontfearthefin fear a world without them. join me along with @costasunglasses and @ocearch in protecting our ocean's most important apex predator. #sharks visit dontfearthefin.com #worldsoceanday #partner

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Big bull in the big blue. 📷: @photosbyja out on a dive with us. @sharkaddicts @sharkaddicts3 #bullshark #freediving #florida #sharkaddicts #diving #jupiter

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Sandbar sharks with one blacktip shark mixed in, see if you can spot the blacktip. the sandbar sharks have big dorsal and pec fins, relative to their body. the blacktip is smaller with a curved dorsal, sharper nose and white markings on the side of its body. @sharkaddicts @sharkaddicts3 @thelocalbrand @hammerhead_spearguns #sharkaddictsdiving #diving #sandbarshark #blacktipshark #freediving #florida #floridalocal #jupiter

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I hope to dive with great whites one day. repost from @gopro " there is power held in the quiet depths of the ocean. @oceanicramsey harnesses the graceful movements of an incredible species. #greatwhiteshark #freediving • • • #gopro #shark #ocean "

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