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New bike. huge thanks to @merrittbmx and @kinkbmx . also to @bmxfuorbs20 for holding down the @bmxfu headquarters and maintaining my bike for all these years #orbellsgarage . headed to rays this weekend and woodward the next. stoked 🍻

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Beer store summer 16 🍻⛄️🍻

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@bmxfuandrew #fridgetape #bmxfu part 2. the end

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Insta took down @leedenn #fridgetape section cuz they music nazis. hopefully @bmxfuandrew section stay up #bmxfu #bmxfu #bmxfu #wearethebest

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A break from scheduled #fridgetape programming. couple from last night 📹@bmxfuandrew #bmxfu #seasonaldepression @kinkbmx @merrittbmx @bmxfu @ogcbmx @joyride150

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Best description @ridebmx 🙏🍻😚💨

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Minute 2 of #fridgetape . hit the link in @bmxfu profile if you wanna watch the full thing.

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So i put together all the footage i had on my phone from the time i could ride again after being hurt this summer until the snow. #fridgetape . thanks to @digbmx for posting the full vid. unfortunately i f****d up on the music clearance s**t but i'm just gonna post all of it on here over the next few days. i posted my section last night. this is the first minute of the vid. everything is filmed and edited on my i phone 6. i feel lucky that i still get to ride with the guys i grew up with and the guys i grew up with are still my best friends. bmxfu! 🍻

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Part 2

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